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Just recently, Paramount Pictures has officially revealed the title for the fifth motion picture in the highly profitable Transformers franchise. They even showed a first look at Optimus Prime in a newly released teaser video. Production for Transformers 5: The Last Knight is set to begin on June 6th in Detroit and is said to be filmed in a variety of places all around the world. The short clip may not seem much at first, but it does give a hint on what to expect in the upcoming film, check out the teaser right here.

Just from the official title, this is something we might expect to see!

Are we about to see the Knights of Cybertron?

The latest film ended with the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime flying out into space in search of his creators and finally taking the fight away from Earth and to where it all began, his home planet. The question is, who is Optimus Prime about to step up to?

Who are the Knights of Cybertron?

The Knights of Cybertron were known to be the original children of Primus and the other four Transformer gods of the Guiding Hand, the creators of the Transformers, making the knights to be the first actual Cybertronians. The Knights are said to rule from the Halls of Order after their creators left to spread enlightenment throughout space. When the Knights departed, Cybertron was split into the Thirteen Tribes, ruled by the Thirteen Primes. This is what later led to the First Cybertronian Civil War.

Will the last Knight bring back order to Cybertron?

Do you remember the AllSpark from the first film? It was the Knights of Cybertron's responsibility to keep it protected and keep it from being used for destruction. When the AllSpark became lost in space, Megatron approached them with a deal, saying that he would surrender himself only if they would pardon him of his crimes. As the Knights organized a meeting with the Decepticons, it became obvious that the negotiations weren't going to be peaceful as the Decepticons attacked the Knights and went after the AllSpark and Optimus Prime. There's no knowing how much damage has been done to the Knights by the Decepticons, but if there is a last Knight on Cybertron, he may help take back the planet for the best.

With Optimus Prime being on Earth for the past years, a lot has been going on in the outer space universe in the Transformers franchise, so there's definitely a lot to expect next year on screen!

Do you think we're gonna see the Knights of Cybertron in Transformers: The Last Knight? Comment down below!

Transformers: The Last Knight is set to be released on June 23, 2017.


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