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You all know the story.

Once, there was this girl named Tiff. Tiff was hot and had lots of hot friends. But Tiff had a problem. Tiff, you see, took way too many selfies. One day, Tiff was bored, so Tiff took 462 selfies of herself, with various poses, states of undress, duckfaces, frogfaces, and peace signs. On Tiff's 463rd selfie, however, Tiff DIED. Tiff died because she took one too many selfies.
Now, every second Tuesday of the 6th week of the 13 month of every year, Tiff comes back to haunt one unlucky girl who attempts to break her record of 463 selfies. If that girl reaches 462, the legend says that before she can hit 463, Tiff will appear in her mirror and demand she gets added to your Myspace top 8. When you tell Tiff that Myspace sucks, she then flashes a lopsided grin, throws up the peace sign, and cuts your head off.

You ALL know that story.

But a story that perhaps you don't know yet is one making the rounds on the internet. It involves a woman taking the dreaded mirror selfie, and ended up with more than she bargained for.

Reddit user BoyUnderMushrooms uploaded a picture of a woman taking a mirror selfie, with the words “Please tell me that is your shy daughter.”


His grammar and use of punctuation was totally spot-on!


But even scarier was the picture itself:

See it?


Go back and look again.

And good luck unseeing it!


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