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[SPOILER WARNING: Episode 'Best Laid Schemes...' of Outlander is discussed here. Turn back if you don't want it to be spoiled for you]

This week's episode of , 'Best Laid Schemes', gave us more of the Frasers's troubled love life, a robbery in the dead of night, more Jack Randall evilness and some first-stage development for a couple of huge plots.

It wasn't a happy ride, nor was it an eventful one. It was a little bit frustrating, to be honest, to go through Claire's and Jamie's whirlwind romance, only to see it crumble once more. Nevertheless, here are the most precious moments in Outlander, 'Best Laid Schemes'.

Louis Of France Is Out For Blood

Though this may not have seemed a big thing in this episode - or to even matter much - that awkward conversation Claire had with the royal executioner at L'Hopital des Ange, served as the opening point for a great sequence yet to come in the series. Upon finding out the King is on a witch hunt for those with a supernatural inclination, Claire goes at once to warn her new friend, Master Raymond.

Those two scenes looked quite out of place in the episode, but believe me when I tell you, it'll all come back to haunt us. La Dame Blanche plays an enormous role in this hunt, especially since Claire is one of those with said 'supernatural inclination' and she has developed a deep association with Master Raymond as well. I won't spoil anything for you, just know that before we leave France, this whole thing will get its closure.

Murtagh Is No Longer In The Dark

Finally, if I may add.

It took Claire and Jamie their sweet time, but they finally came clean to Murtagh about Claire's time traveling and her being from the future. I gather it clearly isn't an easy subject to address - and part of Claire's safety relies on keeping it all a secret - but when you travel as a trio and plot the same, it pays to have everyone in on the entirety of the schemes.

Murtagh, for all his toughness and rough edges, takes it quite well, though. True, he punches Jamie in the face after all is said and done, but he remains the Frasers's strongest ally. It also served as a bond between him and Claire, since he reckons all that knowledge takes its toll on her. It took Murtagh over twenty years to come out and say he loved Jamie's mother, so it's fair to assume the man can keep a secret.

Destiny Wants To Happen...No Matter What

This second season has mainly been about Jamie and Claire trying to halt the Jacobite rebellion, or better yet, to prevent it from happening all together. We've seen Jamie spend endless nights enduring Prince Charlie's drinking and boasting to be the rightful king, he and Claire fallout over it, Murtagh and Fergus play mailmen and even Mother Hildegarde has played her part - unbeknownst to her.

This episode shows us another try and fail - later try and succeed - con by Jamie against the Prince's plans. He first tried, with Claire's help, to make Comte San Germain lose his shipment by inducing smallpox-like symptoms in his seamen. After that failed, he saw himself forced to resort to violence, having Murtagh recruit some Scotsmen to rob the wine while it was being transported to the harbor. Jamie even went as far as saving the Comte's life from a very murder-looking Murtagh. The cargo was in fact robbed and Murtagh's job is now to sell it, much to the Comte's and Prince's dismay.

The Fraser-Randall Stalemate

Jamie had promised Claire to wait an year to kill off Jack Randall - thus providing enough time for Frank Randall's ancestor to be born - but this week we fully grasped his reasoning. It turns out, he didn't do it because of the life he owed Claire - as she so selfishly demanded of him - but because if anything should happen to him, she'd have Frank to go forward in time to.

It was all settled and things were moving accordingly, until Jack Randall showed up in the brothel, managing to get behind closed doors with wee Fergus. The producers didn't show us all the way into what transpired in the room - thank God - but I'm guessing they'll explain it a bit better moving forward. Book fans will have felt a whole new level of hate towards Jack through that scene, and even the avid TV fans got a pretty clear idea that nothing good could come from having Jack Randall and a boy locked in a room.

Jamie presumably went looking for Fergus and interrupted Jack Randall, calling him out for a duel, in spite of his promise to Claire. When she finally finds out about it - after a whole night spent at the hospital because she lost some blood and it could harm the bairn - she resolutely goes to where the men are having at it. After some back and forth, Jamie manages to hit Randall in a very emblematic spot, making an already weak Claire lose it all together. She bleeds again, the royal guard comes in and arrests the men, while Claire loses consciousness and the screen fades to black.

If by the end of the episode you had a bad feeling about Claire and the baby, you're right on the mark. But this is Outlander and, as Jamie put it earlier in the episode, he and Claire always find their way back to each other. Next week's promo shows us how much Claire will have to endure by herself, since Jamie is still in prison for dueling with Randall.

Outlander airs every Saturday, on Starz.


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