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* Warning: The following article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead. Read on with caution *

Following the traumatic finale to Season 6 of The Walking Dead, the grim fate of the show's leading characters hangs precariously from a thread. Or, more fittingly, precariously at the end of a potentially skull crushing baseball bat.

So, when Robert Kirkman — the producer of the graphic novel the show is based on — took to his very own Reddit thread in his "ask me anything," questions about the finale popped up more than plastic mammals during a game of Whac-A-Mole.

A Possible Misstep?

Fans have been left frustrated by the brutal series cliffhanger, with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) playing his particularly grotesque game of "eeny, meeny, miny, moe," while deciding who to smash over the head with his barbed wired baseball bat, named Lucille (played by an Emmy award winning plank of wood).

Ceasing the opportunity to get word from the brain that spawned the entire Walking Dead dystopian universe, Reddit users inundated Kirkman with questions about that hard-to-forget episode. It appears Kirkman doesn't regret the direction the show took. He said:

"I just want to point out that a lot of what you seem to hate about the finale are your assumptions of how season 7 will start. The death will have no impact now, etc. I assure you it will.
You're welcome to be unhappy with the episode that aired. Was it a misstep? Maybe. Only time will tell. Also, there's a lot of assumptions about why we did what we did, [such as] 'ratings grab' which also isn't true."

"You'll Like Where We're Taking Things"

Kirkman does feel that the eventual payoff will be worth it, and will settle the nerves of fans who are concerned what direction the show will take. As well as confirming the next season will be particularly tough for Rick (Andrew Lincoln), the 37-year-old comic book writer added:

"Scott Gimple [Executive Producer] and I spent many months going over exactly how to stage it and how to adapt that scene. Many options were discussed.
"Season 7 is very strong, we know what's coming. If you stick around... you'll like where we're taking things."

Considering how Kirkman and the rest of the creative team have managed to enthral millions of viewers across six seasons, it looks like we'll just have to trust them with the direction for upcoming series. October can't come around quick enough. We just need to know! Please let the wait be over. Pleease!

The Walking Dead will return in October this year.

Do you agree with Kirkman's comments on the finale?

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