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For at least a couple of years in the mid-00s, Prison Break was one of the most exciting shows on television. The Fox drama did exactly what its title promised, introducing Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield, an absurdly good-looking structural engineer (seriously, have you ever seen a structural engineer?) determined to break his brother, wrongly convicted for murdering the Vice President, out of a high-security prison.

It should have been impossible, but in the fantastical and sometimes downright-insane world of Prison Break, nothing was impossible. If the show didn’t quite maintain that quality over four seasons, at least it was never boring.

Now, seven years after Season 4 ended, the Scofield brothers are back - which is pretty weird considering that, last we heard, Michael was dead. Check out the trailer for Season 5 below.

Let’s break this down…

The trailer opens with Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) having an emotional discussion with her son Michael Jr. about his absent father. Michael Jr. wants his mom to paint a picture of the father he never got to know.

Sara: “He was like a storm, appearing suddenly out of a clear blue sky…”
Michael Jr.: “Storms can come back, can’t they?”

This being Prison Break, the tempo ups considerably from here. When a meeting with T-Bag convinces him that his brother is, somehow, still alive, Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) sets off to Istanbul to follow the trail that could lead him to Michael. And yes, spoiler alert, he’s alive. Expect the show to find a thrillingly twisty way to explain away our hero’s apparent death at the close of Season 4.

Michael Scofield does his best Kylie Jenner
Michael Scofield does his best Kylie Jenner

There’s actually something quite surreal about the way in which the trailer captures the vibe of the original series so convincingly - unlike some recent revivals (yes, Heroes, I’m looking at you), this one feels like a direct continuation. The original cast, all reunited here, clearly still share a strong chemistry.

The main takeaway from the trailer is that Prison Break has created a kind of brotherly table-flip which finds Lincoln in the driver’s seat, ready to repay the favour to his younger bro a decade later (Wentworth Miller hasn’t aged a day, obviously). The closing shot might give a little too much away, but on balance I’d say I’m pretty stoked about this new, familiar dive back into the insane world of the Scofields.

Arabic writing. Because this season is deep, y'all
Arabic writing. Because this season is deep, y'all

The new season is actually a 'limited miniseries' beginning this Fall, which means it’s only nine episodes - unless it does well, in which case you can expect a whole lot more of the Snart brothers. Wait, what? I meant the Scofields.

Does the new-look Prison Break have you breaking out the popcorn?


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