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Gotham is perhaps best described as the forgotten child of the DC TV universe, often overlooked in favor of sister-shows, the shinier Flash and longer-running Arrow.

But the show is a seedy delight in its own way, charting the early days of many a classic Batman villain, and providing a more in-depth look to the early days of Bruce Wayne himself as he begins his transformation into the Caped Crusader.

David Mazouz is Bruce Wayne in 'Gotham'
David Mazouz is Bruce Wayne in 'Gotham'

But where does Gotham stand when it comes to the DC Extended Universe? Unlike Marvel's Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC's use of a multiverse complicates the issue. Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Constantine all take place on the same Earth (Earth-One), whilst Supergirl exists in a different Earth (Earth-Two) as part of the wider multiverse, but does cross over into the Earth-One universe occasionally.

But what about Gotham? We know that it takes place on yet another version of Earth as part of the wider multiverse separate from the rest of the shows (Earth-Three, perhaps?), but does it stand as part of the DCEU?

James Gordon is out to clean up Gotham
James Gordon is out to clean up Gotham

Smart money would be on no. DC have thus far been pretty clear cut about their desire to keep the TV shows and DCEU movies seperate — as seen by the casting of different actors to portray the Flash — but Gotham's Jada Pinkett Smith (Maria "Fish" Mooney) hinted that we may yet see some narrative bridging between Gotham and the wider DCEU, if she gets her wish that is.

The next DCEU movie set to land this year is the highly anticipated Suicide Squad, in which Pinkett Smith's husband Will Smith stars as Deadshot / Floyd Lawton — a character we’ve already seen multiverse versions of in Earth-One's Arrow and on Earth-Two in Flash, both portrayed by Michael Rowe.

The Earth-Two and Earth-One Deadshots (Michael Rowe)
The Earth-Two and Earth-One Deadshots (Michael Rowe)

And for the self-confessed comic book lover Pinkett Smith the discussion of a Gotham / Suicide Squad crossover has been bridged before in the Smith family household, largely because she thinks her new and improved Fish Mooney could definitely take Deadshot in a fight and relishes the chance to prove it.

As she tells Zap2It:

"[Will and I] have definitely talked about the possibility. We’re always in the house, just going off with different creative scenarios; we’ve definitely talked about a meeting-up of Deadshot and Fish Mooney."
Would not mess with those nails...
Would not mess with those nails...

Sadly the Gotham / Suicide Squad crossover of Pinkett Smith's dreams seems unlikely to happen. Even putting other logistics aside, Gotham is more suited as a stomping ground by which to explore the origins of characters who usually function in relationship to Batman apart from any wider continuity, not so much as part and parcel of the DCEU.

It's also worth noting that Fish Mooney is a Gotham original character — she doesn’t appear in the pages of the DC comics and therefore doesn’t really have much tying her to other big characters in the DCEU, her antagonistic relationship with James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) aside.

Matters are further complicated by the fact that Gotham takes place in the near past, during Bruce Wayne's childhood. Given that Ben Affleck's Batman is in his mid-40s in the DCEU, it means that even if there was to be character crossover some recasting might be in order. Either that, or time travel, and we all saw how well that worked in Batman v Superman.

But then again, the multiverse framework which DC have in place basically allows them to do whatever they want in terms of character and continuity, so the idea of crossing over characters from Gotham to the wider DCEU isn't an impossibility, just a tricky feat to pull off.

For now though it looks like we're resigned to the accidental Easter Egg which links together Arrow and Gotham, except not really. Take what you can get, we suppose.

Do you think a Gotham crossover with the DCEU would work? Have your say in the comments below!

Source: Zap2It


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