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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney
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As the Season 4 finale of Arrow approaches, it's a challenge not to obsess over every little detail. Episode 22, "Lost In The Flood," which airs Wednesday night, will set up said dreaded finale. So let's make the most out of the two episodes we have left before it's too late... It's not like it's the end of the world, right?

Wrong! Haven't you been paying attention? Genesis is coming!

The promo for "Lost In The Flood" is out. Take a look:

In the previous episode "Monument Point," we wanted to grab Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) by the shoulders and shake him for barely noticing the continued absence of his sister, Thea Queen (Willa Holland). To be fair, he had a lot on his plate. You know, nuclear bombs that could destroy the world and whatnot... It appears as though he has finally noticed something fishy in this flood.

The episode appears to revolve around Speedy, who has been trapped in this Noah's Ark dome for far too long. Once Thea manages to notify Team Arrow of her whereabouts, they manage to infiltrate her prison. If Anarky (Alexander Calvert) could do it, was there ever any doubt?


Speaking of Anarky, he's still roaming around, lurking in the shadows. As The Black Canary once put it – may she R.I.P. – "Machin is about 10 different types of deranged." In other words, no one ever really knows what he's up to. Perhaps this will set the tone for an unlikely pairing in the finale. Let's not forget Green Arrow released Anarky in Episode 10, "Blood Debts." Not sure he's the type to keep track, but will Lonnie Machin finally pay back his debt? They're fighting a common enemy after all...

The real question is: Whose side will Thea be fighting on?


After showing a glimpse of Thea surrounded by guards, the promo takes an unexpected turn when Speedy strikes Green Arrow and threatens him at gunpoint. Thea, are you taking pills again? While that is probably the most logical reason for her behavior (we all know what brainwashing effects those pills can have on a person), it isn’t the only possibility.

Let’s not forget Thea and Malcolm’s heart-to-heart in the previous episode, where she claimed: “I can be stuck here, and compliant... Or I can be a pain in your ass.” Maybe she kept her word and joined Damien Darhk’s (Neal McDonough) side of the war. If that is the case, it is likely she will be playing double-agent and needs to prove her loyalty. Would she go as far as putting her own brother in harm's way?

If those theories don’t hold, perhaps side effects from the Lazarus Pit are resurfacing and making her as crazy as Anarky. Regardless, we’ll just have to wait till "Lost In The Flood" airs to know the truth behind the Queen's madness.


Until then, why do you think Thea Queen took a turn on the Darhk side?


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