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Awww, it is almost enough to melt the ice around the Wall. Amongst all the flaying, burning corpses and chopped off manhood, HBO's Game of Thrones actually does sometimes have a romance story. We had Catelyn and Ned, Robb and Talisa, Jon and Ygritte, they all ended well — right? Well, Season 6's fourth episode, "Book of the Stranger," gave hope to a whole new romance between Brienne of Tarth and Tormund Giantsbane, in what I am dubbing Brimund (patent pending).

Sure, this week's episode contained its usual cannon fodder as Osha bit the dust at Winterfell, but across the North it was all very fuzzy and warm. Sansa and Jon were finally reunited (it only took six seasons) in touching scenes, but did you all notice something else? As she rode into Castle Black with Brienne of Tarth, it appears that Brienne the Beauty caught the eye of Tormund "Wild Thing Wildling" Giantsbane.

Over dinner (seen above), which resembled the dinner party scene from Beetlejuice, the two star-crossed lovers exchanged glances. Tormund's come to bed eyes across a chicken leg seem to send mixed signals. Does the reformed Wildling plan on undressing Brienne, or simply eating her?

All it took was Tormund's bearded glances and Brienne seems all too quick to forget her bathtub fling with Jaime Lannister. We are sure the feeling is mutual; the one handed-sister lover is currently hauled up with Cersei-dearest in Kings Landing. Let's not get our hopes up too quickly for Brimund though, she has pretty poor taste in manfellows. We had always held out hope for a Brienne/Hound romance, but that was cut short when he gave her a kick to the "lady-garden" and she threw him off a cliff. Some say he is still knocking around Westeros, but domestic violence is never acceptable.

The future's bright — or rather, the future's ginger — for Brimund. Can you just imagine their cute, giant babies? In A Dance With Dragons a girl named Alys Karstark arrives at the Wall and is married to a Thenn called Sigorn. Their marriage symbolizes peace between Wildlings and southerners. We already know that Jon's trusted sidekick Dolorous Edd approves, so let's start shipping Brimund. While we aren't saying a wedding that doesn't end in horror is coming, we can certainly see Brienne saying the line that Alys says to Jon Snow:

"Let him be afraid of me."

It looks like it isn't just the Castle Black inhabitants who heart Brimund. Twitter seems to be looking kindly on the budding Thronemance too:

So, what is next for Westeros's most unlikely couple? Staying curled up by the fires at Castle Black is definitely off the cards. It looks like Lady Brienne is wanting to exact some revenge on camp Stannis and its only supporters: Ser Davos and Melisandre. Who knows, maybe Tormund could team up with her to take them down as this season's power couple? Pffft, Jamie and Cersei are so Season 1! However, this being Game of Thrones, we will probably see them both burned alive next week.

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