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We all remember actress Mischa Barton as the sweetheart of Josh Swartz's American drama series The O.C., a Fox hit in the mid 2000s that saw her bring to life poor little rich girl Marissa Cooper.

That is, until she was ruthlessly torn away from us, making over-sensitive teens around the world bawl their eyes out in the third season's finale. Here's the gut-wrenching moment once again, set to the tear-jerking ballad of "Hallelujah":

Since her devastating exit though, we haven't seen much of Mischa. So, let's dive right in and find out what exactly she's been up to since that fateful car accident in Orange County.

What Ever Happened To Mischa Barton?

Sadly, leaving the series did not spark the colorful Hollywood career that Mischa Barton envisioned for herself in 2006. Unlike many members of the The O. C. cast, the actress failed to maintain her fame and with the months, she faded more and more into obscurity and made headlines for all the wrong reasons. In 2007, for example, she was slapped with a DUI, a penalty for marijuana possession and was even forced to vacate her eight bedroom Beverly Hills mansion.

Additionally, over the years, starring in an array of movies such as The Oh in Ohio, Virgin Territory with Hayden Christensen and war drama Closing the Ring, Mischa did not hit noticeable box office success. Trying her hand at TV, she went on to appear in the Ashton Kutcher produced drama The Beautiful Life in 2009, which was sadly cancelled after just two episodes. She also played a prostitute in one episode of Law & Order: SVU.

Mischa Barton in 'Law & Order'
Mischa Barton in 'Law & Order'

Following this, Mischa decided to return to her birth city of London, England, where she put all of her efforts into fashion designing, creating a handbag line and even debuting an internet project that sold clothes, accessories and cosmetics on a platform playfully named "Mischa's Place." And while this was going on, she continued acting — in fact, she appeared in six movies in 2015, many of which went straight to video; one of them being an action-thriller called Operator:

Come 2016 though, and it seems that she's put movies aside altogether, opting to be a short-lived contestant on ABC's Dancing With the Stars — oh how things have changed!

Mischa then and in 2016
Mischa then and in 2016

Indeed, it appears that although she may never rise to the astonishing heights of fame that she experienced while being a part of The O.C. cast, Mischa is looking as happy and healthy as she's ever been.

For example, prepare to collect your jaws off the floor when you see the exceptional George Hobeika gown the 30-year-old wore to the Cannes Film Festival red carpet just a few days ago:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is indeed The O.C. alumni Mischa Barton and (successful Hollywood career or not!) she looks absolutely fabulous.

Does Mischa Barton look better than ever?



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