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In a relatively major lapse of judgement, ex-Disney sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens carved her and boyfriend Austin Butler’s name into an Arizona rock formation in an expression of their love on Valentine’s Day. Needless to say, people weren’t all to pleased with the delicate heart-shaped etch and back in February, the act plunged Vanessa into quite a bit of legal trouble.

Below is the original snap of the carving that the actress has since deleted. As soon as it went up, it attracted attention and the couple were slated for their inconsiderate act of vandalism.

The carving occurred in the Red Rock Ranger District in Coconino National Forest, which is a tourist area and where it is a crime to deface the protected land. For their lack of judgement, Vanessa and Austin were threatened with six months in prison, and possible fines of up to $5000.

Weeks later and it appears that the authorities have made a decision on how to deal with the situation. It appears that as the actress profusely apologized for her wrongdoing and even showed rangers where the defacement occurred (on a geological formation known as Bell Rock), she was slapped firmly with a minor penalty of $1000.

The money is said to have been forwarded onto a local volunteer organization named Friends of the Forest, who will work on repairing the damage by scrubbing and sanding the letters from the formation. Cocoon National Forest Service spokesman, Mr. Brady Smith, said:

“She was caught in the act because she publicized it and she’s famous. I’m sure there are others who are not famous and publicized it and we’ve never known.”

Let’s all just hope that Vanessa has learnt her lesson — firstly, that defacing protected parks is wrong and secondly, that Instagram can most certainly be your downfall.

Do you think having to pay a fine of $1000 was adequate punishment?


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