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It's been almost 20 years since Buffy Summer and her hoard of helpers drove a stake into the heart of '90s pop culture in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and, despite the time passed, that stake still stays. Which, when you consider the show’s infinite quotability, relatable high-school issues (mean girls, romances, infuriating responsibility), totally badass female lead and general sass, it’s easy to see why.

Yet, there’s another reason why Buffy the Vampire Slayer is such an awesome and relatable show, even more so now perhaps than in recent years. Their outfits. Even during their trivial trials and tribulations, the gang always had a strong AF dress game — despite all the vampire ass they had to kick.

And, while the ‘90s vibe, with its high waisted mom jeans, grunge checkered over-shirts and platforms, continues to stomp its way around the town, where better to go for outfit inspo that the original vamps themselves?

10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer looks that could totally work today

1. Tiny skirts & knee highs

Yup, even in the height of summer, Buffy could always be trusted to team a itsy-bitsy mini skirt with knee high boots. A hot look if you can get past those inevitable sweaty calves.

2. Denim overalls

Willow would often spend her days hidden beneath overalls, a style which makes slaying vampires a stylish romp in the park.

3. Embellish everything

Sprinkle a few daisies around your neckline or just straight on the strap and you’ll really nail that innocent-yet-deeply-broody vibe. Carrying a lollipop will help with that, too, obvs.

4. Headbands

Headbands don’t have to be all Blair Waldorf of the Upper East Side, you know. Team yours with multiple piercings, rings and a frown for ‘90s slaying style.

5. Chokers

If Buffy the Vampire taught us anything about improvisation it was that if you’re caught out of sorts without a choker to hand, a hairband will do the job just fine — a la Kendra’s lovely silver number, above.

6. Sweater-ize

When slinging a sweater around your waist just won’t cut it, pin yours around your shoulder to create a weird-but-kinda-works hug-slash-wrap.

7. Spaghetti straps

Probably not the ideal shirt wear for battling bad guys, what with the breaking potential of the old dental floss strap, but ace for jazzing up the basics.

8. Scrunchies

Nothing says ‘90s like a big, fat scrunchie. Color-coordinate with your outfit for maximum pony-potential.

9. Leopard Print

IMO there's no real limit when it comes to donning leopard print. Let those vampires know you're a bitch on the prowl!

10. In fact, everything print

And, when you've really perfected the art, coordinate with your comrades for a full on print-party. Win!

Which Buff the Vampire look is your favorite?


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