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If there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that there aren’t enough remakes being produced by Hollywood at the moment. Can we agree on that? Yes? Great. The horror genre in particular is a haven for reinterpretations, reboots and sequels galore.

The latest in the line of remakes will be Maniac Cop, loosely based on the original 1988 slasher about a zombified policeman who goes on a gory killing spree. Often referred to as a cult classic, the original spawned two sequels, Maniac Cop 2 (1990) and Badge of Silence (1993).

Canne You Believe It? Another Remake

At this year’s Cannes Festival, it was announced that Space Rocket Nation — a Danish production company founded by Drive (2011) director Nicolas Winding Refn — have joined forces with Wild Bunch and Vendian Entertainment. Maniac Cop, which will be released as a trilogy, will be the first joint project between them as part of a multiple movie deal.

Refn on the set of 'Drive' with Gosling
Refn on the set of 'Drive' with Gosling

Although initially the thought of a remaking movie that has earned its stripes over years of nostalgic viewing won’t bode well, the creative team up of Refn and skilled writer Ed Brubaker (who wrote Captain America: Winter Soldier) suggests this won’t be a complete cop out.

A Reinvention Of The Original

John Hyams is set to direct the new feature, which will begin filming in the summer. In an interview with Variety last year, Hyams expressed his excitement for the movie. He said:

“I’m a huge admirer of both producers and I’d been looking to do something that bridges the gap between action and horror like this. The script is able to reinvent the original with the same mythology.”

The official synopsis for the movie is below:

“[Maniac Cop] follows innocent people who are brutally murdered on the streets of Los Angeles by a uniformed police officer. As the death toll rises and LAPD attempts a cover up, one determined female cop sets out to reveal the truth.”

Have you seen the original Maniac Cop?

Source: Variety


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