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Imagine a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) where an Iron Man movie revolves solely around Tony Starks house parties, a world where a Captain America film follows Steve Rogers working an office job somewhere in New York City.

One fan theory suggests that every problem our beloved heroes have faced in the MCU, their very existence as superheroes is all thanks to the actions of one man.

Well, when we say man, what we actually mean is the king of the Norse Gods.

And when we say actions, we mean that they kind of messed up big time.


Reddit user psycholepzy posted a fan theory this week, stating that Odins lack of foresight directly caused almost every single event in the MCU movies, so fans should probably consider adding Odin to their Christmas card lists this year.

The theory has picked up a lot of traction on reddit, to the point where psycholepzy promises he will update it soon with revisions based on peoples comments, but for now, here’s the basic gist;

Silly Odin!

While fighting the Frost Giants back in ancient times, Odin lost the Tesseract, an object of considerable power that remained dormant for centuries, until it was eventually discovered by Hydra in the 1940’s. With this newfound strength, Hydra began to develop advanced weaponry to use against the rest of the world in their quest for dominance.

User psycholepzy suggests that if Odin had managed to keep the Tesseract safe in Asgard, then the chain of events that led to the creation of heroes like Iron Man and Captain America wouldn’t have taken place — or would have at least played out very differently.

Via Marvel Studios
Via Marvel Studios

Here’s a general breakdown of what Odin could have prevented;

  • If the Red Skull had never found the tesseract, his army would never have had the strength to inspire US forces to create super soldier program, so Steve Rogers and James Barnes would have lived out their lives as normal.
  • World War II would have played out in a similar way to our own timeline, negating the need for an organisation like S.H.I.E.L.D., therefore allowing Peggy Carter to complete her regular service with SRS.
  • No S.H.I.E.L.D. also means that Hank Pam would never have received funding to develop the Pym Particles, so neither Ant-Man nor the Wasp would have ever become superheroes. By extension, Scott Lang would have simply worked odd jobs after being released from prison and would never have been recruited into the superhero business.
  • Natasha Romanoff would never have joined US forces after the Soviet Union collapsed and she would never have met her S.H.I.E.L.D. partner Clint Barton.
Via Marvel Studios
Via Marvel Studios
  • No Winter Soldier program would mean that Tony Stark’s parents would probably have retained control of Stark Industries later into their lives, allowing Tony to continue enjoying his rich, playboy lifestyle without the sense of responsibility that led to the creation of Iron Man.
  • Weapons created by Stark Industries aren’t involved in the destruction of Sokovia, so the Maximoff twins are never recruited by Hydra and given their abilities.
  • The absence of the super soldier program also means that Bruce Banner never tries to replicate the serum given to Steve Rogers, so he never becomes the Hulk.
  • No S.H.I.E.L.D. also means that there is no Avengers and therefore no Ultron or Vision.
  • Without Ultron’s attack on Sokovia, the Sokovia Accords are never put into place, which means that the Black Panther’s father is still alive.
Via Marvel Studios
Via Marvel Studios

The theory also argues that Odin is clearly wiser within this reality, as he acted responsibly with the tesseract, which means that Loki was raised better and never incited the Chitauri invasion of New York — although this is perhaps somewhat questionable.

Furthermore, it’s likely that some of the events in the MCU would have remained the same, such as the birth of Star-Lord and his abduction into space. It’s also likely that Spider-Man would have still received his powers in some way, even if it didn’t play out exactly as we’re used to seeing after a billion origin movies.

What's The Fan Feedback?

A few commenters have speculated that some of the enhanced aspects of the MCU would have still existed too; Daredevil and Dr Strange would likely be the same, as well as the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but for the most part, the general theory seems pretty solid.

Basically, without Odin’s buffoonery, audiences worldwide would be deprived of the MCU and would instead be forced to watch the likes of — I don’t even know what else they release in cinemas these days.

Let’s just be grateful that Odin was having an off day when charged with looking after one of the most powerful items in the entire universe.

What Do You Think Would Have Happened If Odin Had Kept The Tesseract Safe?

Via Marvel Studios
Via Marvel Studios

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