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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney
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The VVitch is rumored to be one of the most terrifying horror movies of 2016. So, naturally, it should be adapted into a playset for kids.

Since the innocence of childhood was taken away from Thomasin and her family, why should your children have it any easier? What’s next, a game encouraging children to engage in conversation with creepy old men offering candy?

Millionaire Playboy
Millionaire Playboy

Millionaire Playboy has created a Playnnobil playset (get it?) to reenact The VVitch, directed by Sundance Best Director winner, Robert Eggers.

First, let’s put things in context for those who have not yet seen the haunting horror by watching the trailer:

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Now you see why your first instinct should be: “I need to show this movie to my children!” Your second reaction should be: “Let me buy the game for my children so they can reenact said movie over and over again until they learn how to peacefully socialize with other children! Yay!”

The Playmobil-esque playset includes the homestead, the shed, the whole family and even the goat Black Phillip (creepy forest sold separately). Curious as to how this game works? The commercial for this thankfully parodical playset gives you full instructions:

Believe it or not, worried parents should actually be grateful. After all, Katherine’s knife and William’s axe are fake. What more could you want? Let’s not be overprotective now, parents.

Oh, and I guess you can also take comfort in the fact that the game is a hoax (not because it's about witchcraft), but because it is not actually for sell to the public.


What horror movie would you like to see a playset of next?

Source: Millionaire Playboy


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