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[Warning: this article contains middling spoilers for Wolverine's cameo!]

Well, it wouldn't be an X-Men movie without Wolverine, and although good old Logan doesn't play a pivotal role in the Apocalypse plot, his cameo is one of the highlights of the film. Not only do we get to see Wolverine at the height of his brutality, this scene also has interesting plot implications for the franchise. And of course, it's a neat callback to X2 and Origins, connecting Apocalypse to the original trilogy.

In many ways, Apocalypse is about coming full circle back to the original trilogy, after the complex adjustments Days Of Future Past made to the story's chronology. Despite the shifting timelines, some things never change. And it seems that in the world of X-Men, Wolverine's part in the Weapon X program is a universal constant — he's got to get those signature Adamantium claws somewhere.

That's exactly where the young X-Men find Logan in Apocalypse, as the movie brings us back to the familiar setting of Akali Lake. As he leaps out of confinement, tearing into his captors it's clear that this is Wolverine as we've never seen him before.

Wolverine at Akali Lake in 'Origins'.
Wolverine at Akali Lake in 'Origins'.

Fresh from the conditioning, Wolverine is little more than a weapon, and it's terrifying to see him in action. And that's exactly what Bryan Singer intended.

"What’s really nice about his cameo is that he’s the Wolverine you’ve never seen before. He’s truly Weapon X. Not just the guy coming out of the tank, but the weapon."

It's easy to see why Stryker wanted to use Logan in his Weapon X project, as Wolverine really is the most brutal and vicious mutant in the film (perhaps even surpassing Apocalypse himself). But wait a minute, how did Stryker even get his hands on Logan in the first place? Wasn't that Mystique fishing Logan out of the river at the end of Days Of Future Past?

Mystique masquerades as Stryker.
Mystique masquerades as Stryker.

Yes, yes it was. We suspected that Wolverine would still be a part of the Weapon X program, as the ending of Days Of Future Past seemed to reset the future to the way it was in X2 (before the controversial events in Last Stand).

But if you're hoping Apocalypse will explain how Logan ended up at Akali Lake despite Mystique's involvement in his capture, you might have a long time to wait until this mystery is solved. It's not really addressed in the film, and when writer Simon Kinberg was questioned about this by Cinemablend, he had an interesting response.

"There’s a scene [in Days Of Future Past] where Hank talks about the immutability of time. You can change the way the future goes, but it finds its way back. So while we don’t show how, it found its way back to Wolverine being part of Weapon X and under the thumb of Stryker."

Hmmm, okay.

I feel ya, Deadpool.
I feel ya, Deadpool.

In any case, although Wolverine's role in Apocalypse is brief, this scene gives a chilling insight into Logan's truly terrifying abilities. And just before he runs off into the wilderness, there's a touching moment between Logan and Jean which mirrors X2 in a really interesting way. Without giving too much way, suffice to say that Wolverine's cameo might just bring a tear to your eye, in a way we never expected.

Would you like to see more of Wolverine as Weapon X?

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