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No matter how grounded or character driven a Marvel movie sets out to be, it just wouldn't be a superhero movie without a metric buttload of explosions, over the top stunts and eye popping action scenes.

But how do these fantastical feats look from the other side of the screen? From stunt men and women who stand in for our movie stars to fly wires which propel them through the air, we take a look behind the scenes of some of those incredible stunts and action sequences from [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). Check out the video below!

What was your favourite stunt from the behind the scenes reel? Here's our highlights.

Go Bucky Go

Bucky Barnes actor Sebastian Stan did a lot of his own stunts in the movie. Since he wasn't going to be wearing a mask — meaning the audience would be seeing his face in the fight scenes and stunts — Stan was determined to do as many of them as he physically could, around "90 percent" of the overall fight scenes according to the man himself.

In the above gif you see him doing the leap towards the beginning of the Black Panther chase sequence, followed by a cameraman on another wire just behind him to capture the continuous shot.

Aaaand... BOOM!

Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie show their acting chops as they take their audio cues for the imaginary BOOM behind them, the explosion which would later be added in post-production.

Steve vs Bucky

The little "ooh" Chris Evans gives at the end of this fight sequence really makes it, when Stan pushes him into the elevator doors during their fight in the holding facility.

Knock Knock Garbage Truck

Knock knock. Who's there? It's a goddamn garbage truck. You might've thought that the moment where Crossbones drives a truck through the gates of the IFID in an attempt to steal a biological weapon was computer generated. You'd be wrong.

Scarlet Witch vs Vision

A powerful moment in the film, the pre-CGI version relies more on Paul Bettany's leg strength than it does Elizabeth Olsen's witchy powers.

Bucky vs Tony

The moment where Bucky tries to shoot Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) on the goddamn face isn't quite as snazzy without Tony's CGI Iron Man glove, but the choreography and Stan's hand recoiling with the gun-shot demonstrates that sometimes the basic stuff works.

The Money Shot

Co-director Joe Russo called the above scene — where Captain America stops Bucky from taking off in the helicopter with his bare hands — "the most powerful shot of the film". It came at a cost though, as Evans injured his arm muscles while straining against the crane. The Cap actor told ETOnline:

"That was in the first week of filming. And I actually messed up my arm doing it, I really did. It's a fake helicopter, obviously, but it was drifting beyond the ability of control. I tweaked a little something. To this day, I'm still messed up."

Whats your favourite stunt from Captain America: Civil War? Tell us in the comments below!

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