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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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It was tentatively reported that Insidious 4 has been confirmed, but now We Got This Covered have shared some juicy details that solidify Insidious 4 as a viable concern, and one to get excited about. The latest news offers the release date, writer and director for Insidious 4:

Insidious 4 Movie News & Rumors

It’ll creep into our realm on October 20, 2017, guided into theaters by 'The Taking of Deborah Logan' helmer Adam Robitel. Leigh Whannell, a bona fide stalwart of the horror series and director of Chapter 3, will pen the screenplay while Jason Blum, Oren Peli and co-creator James Wan (Furious 7, Aquaman) are all on board to produce. On the other side of the lens, Lin Shaye is set to reprise her role as parapsychologist Elise Rainier.

The 'Insidous' franchise [Credit: Blumhouse]
The 'Insidous' franchise [Credit: Blumhouse]

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Insidious 4 Cast

Lin Shaye will return as Elise Rainier, and we may see something of her childhood: Ava Kolker and Hana Hayes have been cast as 'teenage' and 'young' Elise respectively. It is thought that demonologists Specs and Tucker (Leigh Whannell and Angus Sampson) will return. The Collector star Josh Stewart will also appear in an unknown role. We will give you more updates about the Insidious 4 cast as soon as we get them!

Insidious 4 Trailer

So far, Blumhouse have only graced us with a cheeky teaser trailer, starring Lin Shaye and Leigh Whannell. Check out the Insidious 4 trailer below.

What Will Happen In Insidious 4?

Although Insidious 3 performed very well at the box office - the second highest-grossing horror movie of 2015, in fact - many fans feel that it's the ending of Insidious 2 that paved the way for future movies. What do you guys think?

It might be cool to see another Insidious movie focussing on Elise Rainier, as Insidious 3 did, but Insidious 2 laid out a pretty neat path for a sequel... One thing's for sure, we're getting a lot of horror sequels in the 2016-2017 period! Check out 4 Potential Storylines That Could Work For Insidious: Chapter 4.

Insidious 4 Release Date

Insidious 4's October 20, 2017. What do you want to happen in it?


Does the world need a fourth 'Insidious' movie?

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