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"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

Since 1949, May has been officially regarded as Mental Health Awareness Month in the US — a time period used to effectively reach out to millions of people all over the country and to spread the word about mental health conditions affecting 1 in 5 adults today. Sadly, considering its scope, the issue fails to receive the attention it so urgently deserves in this modern age.

This year, the particular focus is on the theme "Life With a Mental Illness," put forward to emphasize efforts in breaking down the crippling stigma often associated with disorders, and to assure struggling individuals that they aren't alone. Let's take a look at the best J.K. Rowling quotes regarding mental health.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month
May is Mental Health Awareness Month

One person who knows far too well what it's like to feel abandoned amidst a mental health condition is none other than J.K. Rowling. Over the years, the authoress has been outspoken about her own dealings with depression and even her dark battles with suicidal thoughts — an ordeal that she's since characterized as:

"A numbness, a coldness and an inability to believe you will feel happy again. All the color drained out of life.”

Ever since her recovery from an all-time low (one she experienced prior to her Harry Potter fame), J.K. has become a crucial support system for her millions of fans. For example, she recently responded to a Twitter user with a chronic mental health issue who asked her for advice on "how to scare the dementors away." She replied:

From the woman who is always on-call to extend a helping hand over Twitter, here are some of her most inspiring quotes for those in need:

1. When she reiterated that 'sad' and 'depressed' don't mean the same thing

2. When J.K. told us to hold on and keep strong

3. When she reminded us to never feel ashamed

4. When Rowling urged us to abandon our fears of failure

5. When she emphasized that challenge is a good thing

6. When Rowling encouraged us all to empathize with one another

7. Finally, that time she let us in on the following secret

Watch an empowering speech made by J.K. back in 2008:

We love you J.K.!

To find out more about Mental Health Month and ways in which you can spread awareness. Head on over to the official website.

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