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It's all a bit up in the air as to whether or not we're going to get another solo Superman film, as it's clear to Warner Bros. at this point that the Man of Steel isn't as big a box office draw (as most other heroes seem to be). Still, there's clearly an audience for him, considering the money both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman made, even if they didn't live up to the studio's expectations. Personally, I'm a big fan of the blue boy scout, and I don't feel like he's quite been done justice on the big screen yet.

He's a difficult character to make a good film about, however, so perhaps we need a bit of help with crafting. With that in mind, here is a list of 5 Superman comic stories that could easily be turned into great films.

5. Must There Be A Superman?

In this story, the Guardians of the Universe (Green Lantern's bosses) decide that Superman's presence on Earth has harmed humanity's development as a species because in this world we have started to overly rely on how much Superman helps us all. It's an interesting look at a Superman who struggles with trying not to save people at the order of the aforementioned Guardians. He's clearly conflicted over this, but he also does feel the need to question how much good he really does by creating a world that's essentially a Darwinian nightmare. The titular question is one that was brought up in Batman v Superman, but it really wasn't expanded upon at all. For it to work though, Justice League would need to give us a more classic Superman before we get around to this.

4. Lex Luthor: Man of Steel

A personal favorite comic of mine, this is a story told completely from the perspective of Lex Luthor. It's crazy what a little perspective shift does in terms of giving you a look at how justified Luthor could appear. The story shows Lex and his attempt to expose Superman as the fraud of an icon that Lex perceives him to be. Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Jr. would probably be ill-suited to the central ideas and themes in the book, as he's more of a mad scientist type compared to the jealous and self-righteous comic book version. Still, this universe has left itself open to the classic Luthor returning.

3. Superman: Peace On Earth

Superman sets a very ambitious goal when he decides to try and feed every single human on Earth. This decision leads down an incredibly interesting path where Superman has to find his way around red tape, question a lot of his optimistic beliefs about people, and become much more of an international figure than he's normally depicted as. There are a lot of moral quandaries raised by Peace On Earth, all of which are relevant to the modern age, yet it never loses its charm. With the more "real world" approach our current Superman seems to be going for, this is a story that could very easily reconcile that with the classic Supes.

2. All-Star Superman

Often held up as one of the most essential comics to read, All-Star Superman really is one of the best comic stories out there. In fact, the only reason it isn't No. 1 is that it depicts a much different Man of Steel than what Henry Cavill is playing currently. The story shows Superman being lethally poisoned by the sun and then trying to tick off everything on his bucket list. We see what he means to the world, what the world means to him, and he just gets up to all sorts of crazy and exciting stuff. For a film adaptation it would need some streamlining, but the animated film did a pretty good job, so it's not impossible.

1. What's So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?

A personal favorite of mine — and best suited for the current DC movie universe — this story shows a new batch of Superheroes enter the scene, causing Superman to question all his ideals. Delving more into it would steal the film's thunder a little bit, so I'll let you discover that for yourself. We'd need a movie or two to flesh out Superman into more of the classic boy scout, but there's an easy compromise that could be made, considering the thoughtful, and often adult nature of the material. If you're looking for a deep and complex look at Superman's world, yet the fun to stay intact, then this is my pick of the bunch.

Wrapping Up

There are a veritable ton of great Superman stories, but these are five of my favorite picks for a movie version. I mean, I think coming up with a new story is also a great idea, but perhaps it might be a good call for this universe to start adapting stories more directly. Either way, let us know your thoughts below and comment whatever you feel like commenting. Enjoy your life.


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