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Hello Moviepilot, I thought that I would give shout outs to some of my favorite film fiends on the net. Specifically those who I feel aren't as well known as the heavyweights like Jeremy Jahns, Red Letter Media, Schmoes Know, Channel Awesome, Chris Stuckman, ETC (though I love those cats too) though I feel are every bit as awesome. So, with no further ado let the countdown begin!

We Watched A Movie

I adore these guys (Mike and Jay). They're some awesome film geeks that are really funny and informative. I especially love Mike's Man VS Movie marathon where he marathons a series of movies lasting from 3-7 films and without sleeping and occasionally drinking summarizing each one slowly slipping into inebriated sleep deprived insanity for your viewing pleasure. They also have a lot of great modern movie reviews and Halloween specials and movie and TV news. I highly recommend y'all check these guys out. They are also super awesome at commenting back to you which I love that level of fan/creator communication.

Decker Shado

I also have to give a major shout out to Decker Shado. He does a lot of gaming and lets plays but also does weekly movie reviews specializing in horror and action flicks which are rad. He also will do summer movie series specializing in actors (like Stallone and Segal) and will also do regular movie series reviews which I really love (like Rocky, Hellraiser, Mad Max, Die Hard and more). So if you love horror or action movies or want to marathon movie reviews in a playlist I highly suggest checking out Decker Shado.

Off The Shelf Reviews

I also love Off The Shelf reviews a great and detailed review show by two blokes from across the pond named Garry and Ian. They review a lot of great genre and comedy films, both franchise (like Alien, Predator, Chucky, Maniac Cop) and otherwise (like The Warriors and The Life Aquatic) as well as covering more unknown and under seen films (like Death Becomes Her and Vanishing Point). Their videos are really casual which I like a lot as just being two guys talking about movies. I also like hearing about films from those on the other side of "the pond".

Mark Kermode

Speaking of "the pond", I also want to give major points to Mark Kermode. He's already a big name at least over seas but I don't think he's as big over here in the states. That may just be ignorance on my part or something because I really respect him as a critic and his analytical way of looking at films. I think that he may be a new Ebert in that respect. I discovered him by watching a documentary he hosted on slasher films while doing research for a college paper and since then he has greatly inspired me reinvigorating my love for early Cronenberg and getting me into 1970's horror like The Wicker Man and Don't Look Now.

Double Toasted

I have nothing but the maddest love and respect for Double Toasted and their brother site They came from which was the first movie site that I ever really loved and really felt a connection to. Since then Spill has split into two main sites OneOfUs.Net and DoubleToasted.Com both of which I highly recommend. The founder of and is Korey Coleman and is an awesome host and amazing human being as are the other regulars and hosts on the show including Martin Thomas, Sammy Gonzalez, Korey Goodwin, Danielle Dallaire, Ray Villareal, Will Valle and Patrick Grits. Especially as fellow Austinites I have mad respect for these fine individuals and wish nothing but the best for them.


I also have to give massive praise to Fanboyflicks, his videos are great and some of the funnies film criticism I've seen. He's also turned me onto a lot of horribly amazing films like Hawkweye, Samurai Cop, Gigli and many more.

Junkfood Cinema

Finally, I have to give major credit to Junkfood Cinema. It's an amazing podcast hosted by C. Robert Cargill (the writer of Sinister and the upcoming Marvel's Doctor Strange) and Brian Salisbury film critic extraordinaire formerly of These guys and their podcast is awesome as they break down cult classic and awesome under seen films like Roadside Prophets, The Phantom, and After Hours and give a really critical look at forgotten cinematic gems. They introduced me to films like Tango and Cash, The Last American Virgin, 10 Things I Hate About You and more which are now some of my favorite films.

So, who are y'all's favorite movie critics on Youtube that you don't think get enough love? Comment below and share the love!



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