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People like to forget that Ghost Rider is one of the most powerful comic book characters ever. Which could be why no one brings him up in versus battles: The odds are usually in his favor.

And here's why:

1. He Can Lift Over 25 Tons

Strength is a big deal in versus battles, obviously. And it just so happens that the Ghost Rider can lift over 25 tons (50,000 pounds). So this means big trouble for lots of comic book heroes and villains.

2. He Outsmarted And Defeated The Devil Once

When a rather cocky Satan tried defeating Ghost Rider, he was instead destroyed and sent back to hell. During this time, Ghost Rider explained that he found a way to trick the devil and drain some of his power before their final battle. Which aided him in beating Satan for good.

3. He Can't Die

Well if it wasn't already obvious, the Ghost Rider is immortal. In fact, no earthly attacks can harm him. From having his skull crushed, to being shot or stabbed, and anything else you can think of — it's all completely useless. Which brings me to my next point.

4. Forget Killing Him, Most Can't Beat Him Either

There's a difference between killing someone and just knocking them out. But in Ghost Rider's case, even beating him is almost impossible. He's great in hand-to-hand combat, we know you can't hurt him by any earthly means, and he has hell fire at his complete disposal. Not to mention his Penance Stare, which makes its victim feel every amount of pain they've caused other people.

5. Dr. Strange Admitted That His Powers Are Limitless

Yep, it's true. Dr. Strange explained to Mr. Fantastic that Ghost Rider ''is a wonder of mystic design'' and that his powers are ''boundless and godlike." The only thing that prevents Ghost Rider from being this godlike entity at all times, is his human counterpart — and that's by choice.

So now you know why Ghost Rider is one of the less talked about Marvel characters. Yes, he's iconic, but not everyone knows about him and his spectacular skills!


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