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The DCEU (DC Extended Universe) is just starting and they have announced another film to the slate, this being a Harley Quinn film, due to her popularity and no doubt success in Suicide Squad (by the people who have seen it). So, the question then becomes who should direct and/or write it, a discussion that several Creators had on Beep Boop via the Facebook Movie Pilot Videos Page. A few names were thrown around but the name that kept on coming back to me was...

Tina Fey

1) Tina Fey is a brilliant actor/writer/producer who's humour is perfect for Harley Quinn and at first everyone was like that's an interesting name and the more it was thought about Tina was becoming more and more of a perfect fit which started the hopefully soon trending . Unfortunately she has no interest in directing but I think her writing abilities are great for a film like Harley Quinn.

2) Fey will probably be known to most for being a great actor but she is also a writer/producer behind great comedy's like Mean Girls/Saturday Night Live/Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and 30 Rock which would be a great fit as Harley Quinn is arguably DC's answer to Deadpool at this moment in time and would probably spicen up the DCEU's darker tones with some more fun and humour.

3) Something else to be considered is that Tina Fey and Margot Robbie have already worked together on Whiskey Tango Foxtrot which was a more serious film were Fey was a producer and the leading actor. So they already have worked together before and could possibly make something awesome!!!

What Do You Think? Who Do You Want to Write/Direct The Harley Quinn movie?


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