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There have been tremendous amounts of buzz surrounding the recently announced Harley Quinn film in development over at Warner Brothers. Spearheaded by none other than Harley Quinn herself, Margot Robbie, the film will surely focus a lot on Harley's strength and the fact that she doesn't need a male counterpart to still be interesting. In line with recent comments made by Robbie, this film will act as a platform for her to create a film that gives women a chance to shine as not just badasses but leads. On top of all of this, the current rumor is that she will be joined with Birds of Prey, another all-female team of superheroes. While this is all incredibly exciting news, a team-up of Harley, the Birds of Prey, and possibly other villainous women would make selecting the villain of the film a little tricky. With Joker being spotlighted as the villain of the upcoming Suicide Squad, who could we see Harley's band of villains and heroes go up against?

The Calculator

Noah Kuttler, a master hacker, strategist, arms and information broker, is a villain who could play well as a big bad for a group of heroes and villains. While he is shown to be more interested in knowledge and money, he could use his powers and connections to employ other villains to take on Harley and the Birds of Prey. If he was after a specific piece of tech or was in search of valuable information, it wouldn't be too hard to imagine the Calculator going up against these women. Also, his connections to other villains make him a viable reason to bring in other more physical threats to Harley and company.


A formidable, female villain, Cheshire is a deadly assassin. Known for her expertise in poisons, hand to hand combat, weapon mastery, and deception, Cheshire could be a physical threat to the ladies on Harley's team. She could go up against practically any of the characters rumored for this film. She also has ties to Roy Harper, Arsenal, and could be used in subsequent films. Despite all of her abilities, I don't think she would be working alone against the women, but she could definitely be part of a larger team or organization working as the antagonists for this film.

Villains For Hire: Titans

With Harley's movie being a team-up film, it would make a lot of sense to have her go up against another team. This is where Deathstroke's Titans come into play. While all of the members of the team have their own agendas, they work together to destroy common enemies. With the Tattooed Man already appearing in Suicide Squad it was make sense for him to pop back up in another film. Also, this would give us great platform to introduce the fan-favorite Deathstroke. Even Osiris, the boy with the black and yellow costume, is Black Adam's nephew which would only connect this team with the DCEU even further. Each member of this team could supply a different threat for Harley and the other women to go up against keeping the action new and varied.

Final Thoughts

With this Harley/Birds of Prey movie reportedly in development already, more information will soon be here. With a team-up as varied as Harley and Birds of Prey, it will be interesting to see just who DC cooks up as the villain or villains for this film. No matter what, I think this film has immense potential to be a smash hit. So, let me know, who do you think we'll see take on Harley and the Birds of Prey?


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