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The DC Extended Universe continues to move forward. The newly formed cinematic universe cemented itself this year with Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice, and it will continue this summer with the summer blockbuster Suicide Squad. Following these two films will be movies such as Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Shazam and of course Justice League. Yet DC is not stopping there as the studio continues to development new movies about other DC Comic heroes. Among these characters is one that, while not as big as the likes of Batman or Superman, is regarded as a fan favorite for comic fans. This character is none other than Booster Gold.

Hailing from the 25 century, Michael Jon Carter steals technology and travels back in time to seek fame as the hero Booster Gold. The idea of a Booster Gold film would have seem crazy a few years ago, but that is no longer the case. Last week writer Zack Stentz confirmed that he is working on a script for a Booster Gold movie. This update did not make the movie official nor did it indicate when this movie would go into development. However the fact remains that WB and DC are aiming to bring Booster Gold to the silver screen; and I for one think this would be a great move for the studio.

The reason why a Booster Gold is needed would simply be for the sheer fact that this film could bring something different to the DC Extended Universe. With this cinematic universe focusing on the likes of Justice League, it will be good for the studio to have movies that can break away into different parts of this continuum; and Booster Gold could easily be one of those films. A Booster Gold film would have a lighter tone to it, and this sense of simplicity could work in the favor for the movie and the character by making the blockbuster an adventure that both fans and moviegoers could enjoy.

Along with a entertaining atmosphere this suggested movie could also be effective by introducing another character to the DC Extended Universe, and that character would be Ted Kord-aka the Blue Beetle. As fans know, Kord and Booster Gold are known for having an extensive friendship in the comics. A while back it was rumored that Booster Gold and Blue Beetle were going to be paired together in a upcoming movie, and I hope this rumor does come true. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle could resemble a buddy cop film which would only help to give a entertaining dynamic behind the movie. It is just as likely that Blue Beetle could have his own film due the material behind the character, but I do think that Ted Kord teaming up with Booster Gold is something that needs to happen if both heroes do manage to find their way to the silver screen.

At this point the more movies on the DC heroes the studio can make the better off this extended universe will be. If Warner Bros is seeking to have a sense variety in the DC Extended Universe then having the likes of Booster Gold, and even Blue Beetle, would be a fantastic move on the studio's behalf. It may be a while til we see results but for now I can only that a Booster Gold movie will appear in the near future.


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