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The latest episode of The Flash, "Invincible", was the second to last episode of the second season. We got to see a meta-human army, led by Black Siren, who is Earth-2 Laurel Lance. We also got to see Wally trying to become a hero and prove to the Flash that he was worth saving. However, the biggest moment of the episode is none of these but the death of a character.

You tell 'em, Ollie!
You tell 'em, Ollie!

Henry Allen Is Killed by Zoom

Even if you thought that his story line had so much potential and he was such a great character, this is something everyone saw coming. They brought him back to Central City and when Henry said he was going to permanently stay, it was destined for him to be killed. Zoom killed Barry's dad because he wanted them to have one more thing in common. It was an extremely sad moment and it is sad to see Henry Allen off of the show, but could this be leading into Jon Wesley Shipp playing a bigger role?

Could the Man in Iron Mask be the Real Jarrick a.k.a. Earth-2 Henry Allen?

It has been confirmed by the show runners of The Flash that the identity of the man in the iron mask will finally be revealed next week in the finale. The show has heavily hinted at the fact that the man in the iron mask will be Jay Garrick, or at least the real one. Zoom has lectured about how agitating it was for him to play and pretend to be Jay Garrick. Therefore, he was impersonating someone else. Could that someone else be the real Jay Garrick? This would explain why Zoom had him locked up in a cell. If Zoom didn't lock up Jay Garrick, he could easily speed by and reveal himself to be the real Jay Garrick, ruining Zoom's plan.

So if the man in the iron mask is the real Jay Garrick, will he be a doppelganger of Hunter Zolomon? Better yet, will Teddy Sear's be the actor portraying whoever is under that mask? At first, I definitely thought so. However, as the season has progressed, the show has heavily hinted at the fact that the real Jay Garrick is the Earth-2 version of Henry Allen. When I tested this theory, there was a lot of evidence that proved it. The death of Henry Allen was the cherry on top of evidence proving the man in the iron mask to be the real Jay Garrick, who is the Earth-2 version of Henry Allen. Well, I can't just get away saying I have evidence and not giving the details, especially since I said I would in the title.

It Would Not Be the First Time John Wesley Shipp Portrays a Speedster

You wouldn't be a real fan of The Flash if you didn't know that the actor of Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) played Barry Allen/The Flash in the original The Flash TV series. The show ran from 1990 to 1991 and it included Amanda Pays (who plays Tina McGee) and Mark Hamill, who played the Trickster on both shows. John Wesley Shipp has already played a speedster on TV before, he has the experience, and has kept in good shape. Also, he probably wouldn't mind playing one again, especially in this modern day of technology.

Jay Garrick's Real Age

Fans were very excited to hear that Jay Garrick was going to be a series regular on the second season of The Flash, with one exception: the actor portraying him (Teddy Sears). Now, the problem with Teddy Sears had nothing to do with his acting skills but his age and appearance. In the comics, Jay Garrick is an older man, just like in the picture shown above. If the real Jay Garrick turns out to be the Earth-2 version of Henry Allen, his age would be a lot more accurate.

His Mother's Maiden Name is 'Garrick'

When Henry Allen first found out about Jay Garrick and Zoom, he revealed that 'Garrick' is his mother's maiden name. He is not talking about Nora Allen's maiden name but his own mother's maiden name. There is a reason he said that, there is no way it is a coincidence. If the 'Garrick' name is in Henry Allen's family, it would make a lot of sense that his doppelganger could be Jay Garrick. That is definitely one of the bigger and more obvious hints that the show threw at its viewers.

Morse Code

When we saw the man in the iron mask, he was not able to speak. So, in order to try and communicate, he would use a type of morse code by tapping his fist on the glass. Later on, we learn that the type of morse code he was using was from a war that happened a long time ago on Earth-2. Hunter Zolomon's dad was revealed to be a war hero. Of course, Hunter Zolomon's dad isn't Jay Garrick's but Jay or his father may have fought in the war too. In the comics, Jay's father (Joseph) was a war veteran and that's who Jay got his iconic helmet from. This could easily be the case on the show and that would explain how he knew how to use morse code that was used back in a war from a long time ago on Earth-2.

Jay Garrick Would Never Be a Baddie

When the identity of Zoom was finally revealed to be Jay Garrick all along, fans were outraged for two main reasons. One is that the show would do what they did last season by having Barry's mentor to turn out to be the big bad. Also, fans were furious that the show would tarnish the Jay Garrick character by making him a bad guy and throwing him away. After all these complaints, Greg Berlanti tweeted out the following:

So, Greg Berlanti pretty much came out and confirmed that there is a real Jay Garrick out there. So, if that isn't pure proof, I don't know what is. The best part is though, we only have to wait a couple more days to see the season 2 finale and see who is the man under the iron mask.


Is The Man Under the Iron Mask the Real Jay Garrick a.k.a. Earth-2 Henry Allen?

What do YOU guys think? Who is under the mask? Tell me below!


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