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I literally don't know where to begin with this one...

But I'll try.

This isn't even the strangest scene in the movie.
This isn't even the strangest scene in the movie.

So, this movie stars Tom Hiddleston as a man who has just moved into this massive high rise building. For the most part, the film is told from his perspective. And over the course of numerous parties, sporadic cuts, and fantastic production design, we see Hiddleston and the rest of the tenants descend into madness due to (essentially) being cut off from society.

That's the best way to describe this one, I think. I certainly did a better job that IMDb...

"Life for the residents of a tower block begins to run out of control." This is the actual synopsis.

Anyway, this film is absolute chaos. But, it's sort of a brilliant chaos. Everything feels appropriate in this world. It is executed in such a way, that it makes a white horse on the penthouse level of a high rise roaming freely amongst a lush garden without a care, seem absolutely normal. I can only credit director Ben Wheatley for this accomplishment. Of course, there is the production designers (for their impeccable work), the cinematographer (for making nearly every frame a work of art), and the author (J.G. Ballard) of the book in which this film is based. You could credit any one of these for the awe-inspiring feat this film accomplishes. But at the end of the day, directors are called directors for a reason. And Ben Wheatley (this being my first of his films) is a fucking director.

See the utter despair in the director's eyes?
See the utter despair in the director's eyes?

In all honesty though, I can't recommend this one to the 'masses'. Maybe for the few hardcore film buffs out there, but even then this film is surely something to wrap your brain around. This is the kind of film people write think pieces about. This is the kind of film mainstream audiences walk out of and ask for a refund. This is the kind of film no one knows about until ten years from now when it becomes a classic. Because you can't help but think after you've seen it. Thinking can be a powerful thing. And this is the kind of film that could drive you mad thinking about. The plethora of metaphors and visuals is uncanny by today's standards. I've just now finished it and my mind still boggles the ideas and concepts it brings to the table.

I do doubt this is a wholly originally concept, though. It's obviously based on a book, but you know what I mean. Everything is inspired by something nowadays in film. But, it's fresh to me and will stay fresh when the end of the year comes 'round. One I won't soon forget.



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