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Do or do not, there is no try..
Kerry Cepero

With fans calling for change at DC Films, parent company Warner Brothers has listened. DC Content Honcho Geoff Johns has been given the keys to run DC films alongside WB Executive Vice President Jon Berg, as reported by DEADLINE.

Johns is expected to right the ship at DC Films before it steers out of course, as he has been the Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics since 2010. His writing work brought to life the comic brands of The Green Lantern, Aquaman, The Flash and Superman. Geoff Johns is also one of those responsible for the success of The WB/CW's Smallville, Arrow and The Flash.

Of course, this move is likely a response over the disappointing realization that Batman v Superman did not meet the expectations of fans, even though the film did well in the box office. The story failed to meet the hype, and it has started conversations over concerns about the Justice League movies, and other future projects under the DC Films flag.

Images created by fans — like the one above — have set the awful tone in regards to DC Films, and now it will be up to Geoff Johns to turn things around. His midas touch might be just what the doctor ordered, and hopefully he has arrived in time for DC Films to avoid another disaster with Justice League, filming right now.

What do you think is the future for DC Films?


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