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In case you didn't know, The Hollywood Reporter revealed a few days ago that a Harley Quinn solo movie was in the works at Warner Bros... well, kind of. The project is expected to combine several other female DC characters (such as Batgirl and Birds of Prey) in one film.

What other characters, your blown-nerd-mind asks? Well, aside from the aforementioned heroine and group, nothing has been revealed. So that's what we're here for today. Without further adieu, let's get into the 5 characters that deserve a spot in the Harley Quinn spin-off.


The girl of steel recently pulled what I call an "Iron Man": A character that's been or has gone to the back of people's minds goes right back in front thanks to popular media exposure such as a film or TV show. Granted, 'Supergirl' hasn't been that big of a hit but it still has its fan base. Putting Supergirl in the Harley Quinn film would not only open an opportunity to explore Krypton's lore further but also could give them a chance to play cops and robbers, with Supergirl as a cop and Quinn as the robber.

Would you like Melissa Benoist to reprise her role from the TV series or have another actress put on the famous cape?


While Black Canary has been heavily featured in the CW Arrowverse, fans (including myself) are eager to see the female super heroine equivalent of scratching a chalkboard with your nails in the DC Cinematic Universe. Considering the project is rumored to include the Birds of Prey, Dinah Lance (I was about to call her Laurel) would perfectly fit in.

Plus, let's not forget two things: The fact that she is one of the most powerful heroes DC has to offer and that she could open a door to another character we've been dying to see in the DCCU: Green Arrow.


I have to be honest here, Pamela Isley is not someone I'd get too excited about appearing in the Harley Quinn film; and not because of the character, but because I feel her relationship with the princess of crime has been thoroughly explored in multiple mediums such as animated series and comic books, so I'd prefer it if they went with a fresher storyline.

But, Franco, why is it #3 on this list, you ask? Well, because of the exact same reason I just said I'm not excited (I know): Giving Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn's relationship to the right writer could mean we'd get an extremely cool and interesting dynamic between the two, with amazing humor and character development included.


This is a must-brainer for a lot of us and something that we can all agree would be amazing to see: Batgirl in the DC Cinematic Universe. I understand Jena Malone played the character in deleted scenes from 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice', so we don't really know Barbara's condition in this cinematic universe; is she paralyzed? Is she the costumed vigilante?

Honestly, considering the last live-action BATGIRL (Not Oracle) was in... excuse me... 'Batman & Robin', I would very much prefer for Barbara Gordon to be on her feet patrolling the streets of Gotham as Batgirl. And, as mentioned with Supergirl, the two heroines could be an interesting foil for the deranged Harley Quinn. Plus, could she bring a Nightwing cameo with her?


Okay, this is something I've been curious about since it was revealed that 'Man of Steel' existed in the same universe as Batman and, essentially, every DC character that exists in the comics. Personally, Catwoman - considering her ambiguous moral code - could be an excellent addition to a film that is already filled to the brim with potential.

Some have said that, since Bruce Wayne is going past his prime, Selina Kyle could be the same age as him and therefore would not be the same Catwoman that we love from the comics. I hope this is not the case and Selina is a younger woman, since, aside from 'Batman Returns' we haven't gotten a true interpretation of this amazing character, someone who is tactical, intelligent, she knows what she wants... and not because of a concussion. Would she be a friend of Harley's? A rival? An enemy? Friendly rival?



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