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Mission: Impossible is a '90s classic. In fact the mere mention of this franchise is enough to make half of you reading this start humming the theme song:

Now, the movies may be based on the popular series from the '60s, but for the most part, the first movie is what made it a classic. The movie was just one of the many examples of Tom Cruise literally dominating the '90s to become the household name he is today. Here's a look back at the the original movie that has now gone into its 20th year and give you some interesting facts about it.

1. A Classic Scene Was Able To Be Pulled Off Thanks To Some Change

Yes, we can't talk about Mission: Impossible without talking about the famous scene where we see our star, Ethan Hunt, rappel down from the ceiling to hack a computer. It is perhaps one of the most well known scenes in movie history, and rightfully so because of its flawless execution. What you probably didn't know though is that Tom Cruise kept hitting his face on the floor due to gravity. Cruise got the brilliant idea to fix this problem by asking a stunt man for the change in his pocket to weigh his shoes down. This of course solved all the problems and we got one of the most iconic scenes in movie history for literal chump change.

2. The Original Cast From The TV Show Were Almost In The Movie

The original cast of the Mission: Impossible TV show was asked to appear in the movie, to which they all declined. It would have been a very interesting situation to see the cast from the TV show with the movie cast side by side. The idea sounds great except they wanted to have the cast be killed off early in the film. Martin Landau explained that an early draft he was shown had all the original team killed off — an idea he wasn't fond of at all. It still makes me wonder how this could have changed the movie we got today.

Apple Spent 15 Million Dollars On It

It could be credited that Mission: Impossible saved Apple, but at a pretty steep price. According to reports, Apple spent 15 million dollars on product placement as well as tie-ins. I'm guessing you're asking "Why?" well you just have to remember it wasn't all rainbows and sunshine for the tech giant. This was all during a time when Apple was down on its profits and needed to save and boost their image. I mean, it worked — look at where Apple is today, 20 years later.

The Cast Of The Original Series Hated It

I told you earlier the theme for the movie was the same one used in the classic TV show and that the cast was asked to appear in the movie as well. However, not only did the cast refuse to appear in the movie, but they also publicly spoke about their hatred towards it. It was so bad that actor Greg Morris — who appeared in the original as well — walked out of the theater, not liking how the characters were treated. This also led to another cast member, Peter Graves, hating it for the interpretation of his character Phelps from the original series.

Tom Cruise Made A Lot Of Money

We live in a time where hearing actors making $50 million per movie is an astounding figure, but what if told you Tom Cruise made $70 million in one movie? Yes, Tom Cruise made $70 million from Mission: Impossible. This is a movie that had an $80 million dollar budget — so how did Tom Cruise get paid $70 million for it? The truth is Tom Cruise didn't agree to a set fee for the film, he actually opted to receive a sizable portion of the box office takings. It was a risk if the movie flopped, but to Cruise's luck, it was a huge blockbuster that raked in $458 million worldwide.

I hope some of these facts were new to you and maybe learned something new from the film you otherwise didn't know. If you have not checked out the film, I suggest you do so, as well as the sequels that came after — they just keep getting better. Mission: Impossible will forever be a classic movie and could be credited with bringing a new wave of action flicks. There is a new Mission: Impossible film on its way and it looks like the train isn't stopping anytime soon.


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