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HAPPY FRIYAY, EVERYONE. The sky is blue, the sun is shining and I have got yet another bunch of fantastic new Creator posts to share with you. Could this day get any better? Without further ado, it is time to celebrate some of the ah-mazing new Creators who have joined us this week. Be sure to check out their work and to show them some well-deserved love. Let's welcome them in true Creators style.

Under the Cape and Cowl: Who is Bruce Wayne? BY Houston Smith

He has been around for over 75 years and has become one of the world's most popular superheroes, but the question remains - just how well do we know this caped crusader? Who is Bruce Wayne? Creator Houston Smith takes us on a trip down memory lane, as he looks at how the Dark Knight has been reincarnated throughout the years. From the 1940's all the way to the present, this is Batman.

10 Games With The Best Lore BY Matt Fisher

Don't you hate it when you buy a game, spend hours trying to get into it, only to realize that you just wasted precious time and money because it just does not live up to your expectations? Luckily there are a whole bunch of games out there that do not take our interest in their universe for granted. These video games are fun, unique, convincing, and worth every penny. Looking for your next purchase? Matt Fisher has got you covered.

The Superhero Snub BY Cinematic Geek

It has come to to Cinematic Geek's attention that when it comes to superhero adaptations, actors are hardly ever recognized for their acting abilities. Why is playing a superhero any different from portraying any other character? Using The Flash's Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells) as an example, she demonstrates why great acting is great acting, regardless of genre. I couldn't agree with her more.

Lock The Windows and Bolt The Doors: 'The Invited' Have Arrived BY More Cowbell Pictures

Believe it or not but The Invited by Creators More Cowbell Pictures was shot in just one evening. One of my biggest nightmares is letting the wrong stranger into my house and that is exactly what The Invited is all about. Thanks for tapping into that fear of mine, guys. Horror god Eli Roth loved it, and so should you. Be sure to check out Michael Horrigan's short film and show this project some love.

Who Should Be The Real Cast Of The Justice League? BY Joaquin Cade Sayres Dircksen

Now that the excitement surrounding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has died down, we can start looking forward to the Justice League movie. The movie already has its all-star cast but that didn't stop Joaquin Cade Sayres Dircksen from creating his own awesome fan cast. Jaimie Alexander as Wonder Woman? Hey, why not!

The Trailer is Not the Movie BY Ben Tobin Johnson

You know what they say, never judge a book by its cover. So why judge a movie by its trailer? New Creator Ben Tobin Johnson is of the opinion that there's no way we can know whether or not the new Ghostbusters movie will suck judging from a two minute and 12 second trailer. Why? The movie hasn't been released yet. I suggest we give it the benefit of the doubt until we've watched it in all it's glory.

5 DC Team-Ups Who Need Their Own Movie BY Taylor

When it comes to the DC Extended Universe it is never too early to start looking ahead. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and even Lobo are set for a solo feature but the possibilities for additional movies are endless. New Creator Taylor takes a look at the 5 DC team ups that need to be brought to the big screen. I am all for a Teen Titans flick, the nostalgia factor alone would fill seats.

The Last (Horror/Drama) - Indiegogo Campaign BY Nathaniel Barber

This post just wouldn't be the same without a badass horror movie. The Last, by director Matthew Barber and Creator (and screenwriter, producer AND actor) Nathaniel Barber is a throwback to horror classics like The Evil Dead (1981). The movie explores the darkest corners of fear and the last moments of a man's life. I just finished watching the teaser trailer and it looks fantastic.

Watch These Adorable Super Kids In This Fan Vid 'Ironman And War Machine Are Late For School' BY Mathew Rees

This will be the most adorable thing you'll see all week. I'm probably not the only one who wished they had superpowers growing up. These kids saw their dream become reality with a little help from their creative father. Superheroes are never late for school, but when they are, they do it in style. Check out the most adorable Iron Man and War Machine you'll ever see and show Mathew some love.

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