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The new Lethal Weapon reboot trailer has dropped and it looks like the show will be a pretty loyal remake of the original action comedy classic, but exactly who are the guys who will be stepping into Riggs and Murtaugh's regulation shoes?

Check out the trailer for yourself below if you haven't seen it already and then let's have a little peek into the histories of the big stars.

Clayne Crawford as Martin Riggs

Age: 38

Where Have I Seen Him Before? You might recognise Alabama native Clayne Crawford from one of his many other TV roles stretching back to 1997 when he appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Crawford's other more notable roles include playing the treacherous Mitchell Cafferty in Jericho, Kevin Wade in season 8 of 24 and Lance in Justified.

Clayne's most recent most-meaty TV roles (he has had one episode roles in many shows such as Criminal Minds, Graceland and CSI) are as Danny 'Cheat' Chetowski in Rogue and Ted Talbot Jr. in SundanceTV's Rectify.

Cringeworthy Nostalgic Flashback: You wanted to see Clayne in Buffy you said?

You're welcome!

Fun Facts: Clayne was born as Joey Crawford, but he later decided to change his name to honor his ancestral home of Clay, Alabama and stand out more in the industry.

Before he became a Hollywood type, Crawford was working as a construction worker but he decided to give acting a go after seeing how much cash his friends were raking in from working on commercials.

Sunny Mabrey and Clayn Crawford
Sunny Mabrey and Clayn Crawford

Crawford was married to Once Upon a Time star Sunny Mabrey for four years before they split in 2006.

Damon Wayans as Roger Murtaugh

Age: 55 (yes, really!)

Where Have I Seen Him Before? In short, everywhere! A well-known member of the Wayans' family entertainment empire, Damon cut his teeth on stand up comedy and earned himself a year long sting on Saturday Night Live before really breaking in the big time with his own show, In Living Color.

Wayans is also well known for his four year long role in TV's My Wife and Kids and his various comic movie roles including Earth Girls Are Easy, Punchline, Major Payne, and Blank Man. Damon's most recent role was in ABCs Happy Endings sitcom (2011) so this will be the first time we've seen him on screen in a long while.

Cringeworthy Nostalgic Flashback: Fedora credit sequence anyone?

Fun Facts: Hailing from a sizable family with entertainment in their blood, Wayans had a surprisingly strict upbringing which included rules such as having to be upstairs in your room by 6pm every night including the weekends. This didn't stifle Wayans's creativity and he says his father never stopped him having fun by interacting with his brother's and sisters.

Along with being a screen writer, Damon is also a bonafide novelist thanks to his novel Red Hats which he wrote in 2011. The story centres around a suicidal 65-year-old woman who finds hope in her life after joining the Red Hats and reconnecting with society.

Do you think that Damon and Clayne have what it takes to be the new Riggs and Murtaugh?


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