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After struggling against him throughout the entire movie, getting kidnapped and interrogated with the Force, Rey finally battled Kylo Ren in the climax of [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158). And it was fantastic.

The lightsaber effects were stunning, the fight choreography was artful, and it was just very very satisfying to watch Rey give Kylo Ren that kick he deserved.

Obviously, a reprise of this fight is something a lot of fans want to see, once Rey has honed her skills and can use the Force during lightsaber combat. With any luck, we won't have to wait long to find out, as it seems as though Kylo Ren is in hot pursuit of Rey in Star Wars: Episode VIII, and there might be a rematch far earlier than we expected.

Adam Driver Films Scenes In Ireland

Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill fell prey to paparazzi snaps last week, when they arrived at Belfast airport (but Hamill didn't seem too bothered by this). This has very interesting and exciting implications for the Star Wars 8 story, because the Ireland sets (Skellig Michael island and locations around Belfast) are used for a very specific place in the Star Wars universe — Ahch-To, a.k.a. Luke's luxury retirement island.

This begs so many questions, most notably how in the galaxy Kylo Ren found out Luke's hiding place. The whole point of The Force Awakens was trying to keep that information (the map) out of his hands. So what happened? It's possible that the First Order discovered the location of the Resistance base, and then Kylo Ren followed the Millennium Falcon to Ahch-To.

In any case, it seems certain that Kylo Ren will have a reunion with his old Jedi master and his new nemesis a lot sooner than we thought. And we might already know how this scene will go down, thanks to some supposed set leaks.

Luke Skywalker in 'Episode VIII'.
Luke Skywalker in 'Episode VIII'.

A few weeks ago, a Reddit post by the aptly named BothanSpy claimed that Adam Driver was filming scenes on Skellig Michael, and that these scenes concerned an epic showdown between Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker.

A Request For Truce Gone Wrong

According to this supposed leak (which you should take with a parsec of salt) Kylo Ren's mission is actually one of peace, or at least it starts out that way.

A few weeks ago they blew up — specifically, blew apart — an Ahch-To hut. According to my source, Kylo and Rey have a conversation that Luke does not like. Luke tries to stop them. Luke gets angry, and the whole hut they are in disintegrates (re: 'blows up'). My source did not specify as to the exact cause of the disintegration, but based on the info I believe Luke accidentally (or perhaps even purposely) does so using the Force.
Rey in 'Star Wars: Episode VIII'.
Rey in 'Star Wars: Episode VIII'.

So it seems that Ren, Rey and Luke sit down to have a talk, until things get heated. It's possible that this is when that lightsaber battle rematch happens, which is what I'm holding out hope for.

There are so many unanswered questions here: Why would Kylo Ren journey all the way to Ahch-To only to talk with Luke and Rey, not fight them? And what are the three characters doing on the Belfast set? According to MakingStarWars, the Belfast set is another area of Ahch-To, so it seems that despite their initial contention Kylo Ren does stay on the island for a while.

Rey approaches Ahch-To in 'The Force Awakens'.
Rey approaches Ahch-To in 'The Force Awakens'.

That's about all the facts and speculation we have for now, but it's all very exciting. This could all be a trick on Kylo Ren's part, luring Rey and Luke into a false sense of security only to attack later. Or perhaps the Light Side won out, and Ren is attempting to reform? Anything is possible at this point, and we've just got those agonizing 575 days left to wait. Personally though, I'm holding out hope that Rey kicks Kylo Ren again, maybe in the face this time.

Do you want to see Kylo Ren fight Luke and Rey?

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