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Do you miss the good days of Gossip Girl, when you could feel as delightfully judgmental as every character on the show? Thanks to their complexly intertwined relationships ranging from friendship to love to betrayal, we were never short of stuff to comment on. And the outfits! There's enough in Gossip Girl to make the fashion magazines of the world seem redundant.

As characters waltzed in and out of the story, the main players had to face more or less every tricky situation life could possibly offer — and no one handled them like Blair Waldorf. Whether or not she's your favorite character, you can't deny her a certain amount of class and wisdom.

Proof are the ten quotes below, which show that whatever little problem you might have to face in life, Blair Waldorf has a solution for it.

10. Handling Men

9. Enduring Work

8. Achieving Your Dreams

7. Making Sense Of Love

6. Dealing With What People Think Of You

5. Socializing, Even If You'd Rather Stay In Bed

4. Feeling All The Feelings

3. Knowing That A Little Alcohol Can Go A Long Way

2. Believing In Yourself

1. And Of Course, Shopping

Really, that's all you need to know.

What's your favorite Blair Waldorf quote?


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