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Who could forget the epic days of the Taylors?

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift dated for several months after meeting on the set of Valentine's Day in 2010, in which they played a teenaged couple attached by the lips. Years later and Swift is still paying the price for breaking up with him.

After finally creating an Instagram account, Lautner struggles to find a good hook for his first ever post. He opts for the 60-second video feature and discusses possible ideas of what to do in it with Adam Sandler, his co-star in The Ridiculous 6.

First, Lautner offers up the idea of doing a backflip

A very unimpressed Adam Sandler immediately shuts down this idea.

Then, he suggests catching grapes with his mouth

Once again, Sandler dismisses this idea by pointing out that he's already done it on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

He even attempts dabbing!

Much to Sandler's disgust.

Lautner eventually asks if Sandler to do a cameo in his video

Which is obviously what he's already doing, but Sandler refuses out of respect for his dog. Because, obviously.

Lautner finally gives up on Sandler and gives Taylor Swift's phone number instead!


Yes, Lautner just used Taylor Swift's phone number as his bargaining tool! This obviously did the trick.

Check out the entire Instagram video out yourself!

Sorry for anyone actually hoping to get Swift's number, but the actual digits are not included in his Instagram post. You'll have to stalk her some other way.

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Fan Pop

Which ex-girlfriend should he exploit in his next Instagram post?

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