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Tim Horton

No, I am not kidding – that is actually Bill Gates walking around the demonic corridors of Doom touting a massive double barrelled shotgun. Back in 1995, computing tycoon Bill Gates proved that he will go to the ends of the earth and even beyond into hell to help advertise his company’s latest product.

This recently uncovered vintage footage of Bill Gates obliterating a demon in Doom merely for interrupting him has emerged online and it is every bit as brilliant as you would expect it to be. It’s awkwardly old school yet inherently brilliant – the geek turned ultimate badass works for me.

Gates takes no s*** from passing demon marines as he details his ‘latest’ gaming platform. Take a look – this is totally legit.

It would seem that Gates was onto to gaming way back in 1995 – isn’t it brilliant that since this video came out Microsoft have grown into one of the worlds biggest gaming companies. You might say that Doom is partly responsible for Microsoft’s gaming success. After all it was Doom that was used as the working model for their early gaming OS.

Gates the demon slayer – who would have thought?! Gates, you da man!


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