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Ever wondered what Captain America: Civil War trailer might look like if it was recreated by a bunch of fans? Well, your wait is over!

A few fans have taken out time from their lives and have recreated the final trailer of Captain America: Civil War at a very low cost. How much low cost are we talking about here? Well, the costumes are made of cardboard. That should answer your question.

While the tone of the original trailer was a bit serious, this recreation will make you lose control over your laughter. It has been over 10 minutes since I saw the trailer, and I still can't stop laughing. This fan-made trailer was uploaded on the very day that Captain America: Civil War hit theatres and has picked up 3.2 million views within 12 days. These numbers speak a lot. So if you haven't seen the video yet, watch it NOW! I can't stress enough on how funny it is.

If the people responsible for making this video are reading this, we want more of such cheap budget trailers. Make it happen, please!

Check out the trailer here:

Source: Comic Book Resources

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