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Shot entirely in one evening, THE INVITED touches on why you should be careful about who you invite inside your home. As you'll see in this short film, opening your door to strangers can often have horrific ramifications.

Michael Horrigan's short films have garnered him millions of views on Eli Roth's CryptTV. In fact, his are the highest viewed on the entire site.

There is even talk of expanding one of his most viral short films, DOLL HOUSE, into a feature, discussed here in this recent Variety article.

THE INVITED is his first time delving into the world of vampires. An old-school filmmaker, Michael's vampires do not sparkle. Michael started out making films with his Nephews and eventually branched out to film festivals and online contests. Last year his 15 Second Horror film, LULLABY, won the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge out of over 200 entries.


Michael's first film with his nephews was a tribute to John Carpenter's Halloween. His love of Michael Myers and all things horror began during childhood, growing up on classic HAMMER FILMS thanks to his Mother's obsession with Dracula. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee were huge influences in his life from a very young age.

Upcoming projects?

Michael's first feature screenplay 'Z', starring Shane West & Leslie Bibb, is going into production with Sony Pictures Worldwide later this summer.

To keep up with Michael's work you can check out his website or follow his production company (More Cowbell Pictures) on Facebook!

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