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Here's a little video Andrew Lavery and myself made last year to turn my kids into superheroes. This project came about for several reasons. The main one being that we mostly work in cartoony animation and wanted to try doing something different to what we were used to. We had limited experience of the VFX aspects of animation such as camera tracking and combining CG with live action etc so this seemed a good opportunity to improve our skills in this area.

Plus, I wanted to turn my kids into superheroes for no other reason than to make them look good to their friends!

It was originally going to be a simple physical action but as with most things we try and do, we wanted to put some kind of gag in there so it inevitably got longer...and longer...and longer...

We also had a mobile phone recording of my son singing "Everything is Awesome" from the LEGO Movie and had been itching to animate something to it so figured this would be a good place to use it.

The whole process was a steep learning curve to be honest. The original plan for the second shot was to not only track the helmets onto their heads but also track their torso's which would help out the animation, but for various reasons we couldn't get this working. So after lots of to-ing and fro-ing, we managed to get the helmets working fine but the bodies had to be hand animated which took a fair bit longer!

We're pretty happy with how it turned out and hope you enjoy watching it!

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