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They may have the responsibility of protecting the world from evil but even superheroes need a little romance and passion in their lives. We read and watch these couples connecting over their shared struggles, sometimes paining over necessary secrets and danger around every corner. This makes them even more compelling as romantic interests, but who are the greatest comic book couples ever? Here's the list of the top 10 most beloved comic book romances.

10. Gambit and Rogue

For a person who creates energy and the other whose power is about taking away their energy, Gambit and Rogue is one of the most well-known relationships in the X-Men Universe.

Remy LeBeau and Rogue Darkholme has an on again, off again type of relationship. Rogue has an issue in mistrusting people for her dark past while Remy is being wary of people because of his criminal formative years. However, despite contradicting personalities and backgrounds, both are strong-willed individuals and together, their love story is something just so enduring.

9. Green Arrow and Black Canary

Oliver Queen and Dayna Laurel Lance's relationship has always been an interesting one. For a man who is quite cantankerous and a woman who has a restrained manner, their opposite personalities might have attracted them to each other in the first place.

Just like any other couples in the comics, regardless of their dissimilarities, Oliver and Dinah had shared their ups and downs in life. They may have argues and fights throughout their relationship, still, this couple is not only filled with scorching passion but both is also great in kicking and fighting bad guys.

8. Scarlet Witch and Vision

It might be impossible for an emotionally unstable and confused mutant and an android to have a romantic relationship but hey, it wasn't out of the question for Scarlet Witch and Vision.

Wanda Maximoff, a high-powered daughter of Magneto, and Vision, a product of Ultron who was created by Hank Pym, found themselves in each others arms though it is very out of the ordinary for an artifical intelligence and a somewhat naive confused mutant to fall in love. However, it didn't hinder Wanda to look past Vision's cold outward appearance and see the emotional and caring man hidden beneath his humanoid physique.

7. Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman

He has the greatest mind in the Marvel Universe while she is a superpowered and supportive wife. Reed Richards and Susan Storm, better known as Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman, might probably be the couple you want to look up to.

Being part of Marvel's first family, Reed and Sue met each other even before they have their superpowers, considering them as one of the longest relationships in all comic books. Their relationship was never too easy for Reed has always been obsessed with science but one thing very special about this couple is that they've stayed together through thick and thin despite being on opposite sides in the Civil War storyline and have even raised a family and became a better couple.

6. Batman and Catwoman

Just as the saying goes, "opposites do attract", Batman and Catwoman's relationship is one of the fan favorite because the mutual attraction between the greatest crime fighter and the ultimate criminal has been on the horizon for quite a while.

Although both of them always ends up in the arms of others, the undeniable chemistry between the two beloved characters is something that keeps them springing back to each other as well. They've never been "official", except in alternate realities, but for a justice obsessed person like Bruce Wayne, he can stretch and bent the law just to keep Selina Kyle safe.

5. Iron Man and Pepper Potts

This couple may be the typical boss-secretary type of relationship cliché but it really takes a responsible, patient and forbearing woman like Pepper Potts to handle a genius, playboy and headstrong man just like Tony Stark.

Tony had a lot of relationships before but unlike any of it, Tony and Pepper started off as being colleagues then to being friends before falling in love without even a sexual attraction. The two characters have genuine feelings for each other and out of all the women Tony had dated, he shows how he truly loves and appreciate Pepper Potts throughout their relationship.

4. Joker and Harley Quinn

He is the Clown Prince of Crime, the greatest villain in the DC Universe, and she's a former psychiatrist who went deranged for the white-faced man with green hair. Unlike the other couples in this list, Joker and Harley's relationship can be defined as the one-sided type.

Joker isn't the romantic or affectionate type of guy so it takes someone like Harley to live up with his kind of living. He even tortured Harley physically and emotionally although after all of Joker's ill-treatment to her, we could see how important she is to him for Harley is the only person the Joker can't tolerate. However, despite their uncanny union, these two combined will not only make Batman's life miserable but they also proved that there is really someone out there for everybody.

3. Cyclops and Jean Grey

Another famous couple from the X-Men Universe is none other than beam-shooting Cyclops and Phoenix Jean Grey. Their relationship included numerous of love triangles featuring Wolverine and Emma Frost, just to name a few, but their undying love for each other became a major component of the ongoing soap opera of the X-Men series.

A lot of stumbling block tested their relationship, even death, and like any other couples in the comic books, no matter what happens, Scott and Jean will always remain as the best known couple of the X-Men.

2. Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson

The web slinger Spider-Man can easily be considered as one of the greatest and most beloved superhero of all time. He really proved that with great power comes great responsibility but as an ordinary person, it can really take a toll on him. Peter Parker had a rough time when his first love, Gwen Stacy, died in the hands of the Green Goblin and thought to himself that he will never fall in love again until the passionate redhead, Mary Jane Watson, came into the picture.

They were incredibly in love, thanks to Aunt May who really pushed them together. Mary Jane may not be Peter's first great love but she marries the man and eventually became a famous supermodel.

1. Superman and Lois Lane

Superman is the very first superhero everyone loved while Lois Lane is the very first feminist female character. If Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is Holywood's power couple, Superman and Lois Lane may probably be the ultimate power couple in the comic book history.

Lasting for over seventy years, the greatest reporter in Metropolis met the alien from Krypton and together, they faced a lot of battles in their relationship even Superman's death and resurrection. Just like Cyclops and Jean Grey, Superman and Lois Lane had been into conflicts with third parties but in spite of the tension, the two remain happily married until DC's The New 52.

We don't lionize comic book superheroes because of their strength and greatness alone but we also laud them with their love and passion life.

There is a lot of relationship in the comics but which couple do you think should've been in this list? Comment it below and let me know.


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