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Spoiler Warning! If you haven't caught up with all of Season 2 of The Flash you might want to hit the brakes right now.

Wow, this season of The Flash has been one of the most entertaining of all shows of the superheroes genre, with a gripping story that just won't let go. Earth-2, the man in the mask, evil doppelgängers, and arguably the most terrifying villain on CW/DC TV yet. Yes, I'm talking about ZOOM. The serial killer turned maniac speedster played by Teddy Sears has set a new standard for super villains on television, maybe even topping the excellent portrayal of Deathstroke by Manu Bennett. Let's talk about three reasons why this is true.

1. His dominance as a villain

There is no question that Zoom poses a threat like no other on The CW. Since his debut, the impact of this character on the The Flash far exceeds Damien Darhk on Arrow, and Vandal Savage on [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021), respectfully. He even eclipses the wonderful fright last season of Reverse Flash. Zoom approaches his villainy both like a serial killer as well as a sadistic General commanding his small army of metahumans. Zoom fancies himself a God, a Titan with whom nobody can argue.

Zoom has targeted Barry's soft spots, and has shown a passion for killing those he loves. Zoom made Barry hand over his speed, and has brought The Flash to his knees, begging for mercy from the devil.

2. Zoom's torture of Dr. Caitlin Snow

Zoom's mastery as a killer is such that he devised a way to insert his alter ego, Jay Garrick, into the heart of poor Caitlin Snow. Zoom killed Jay in front of Caitlin, and then revealed himself to her as Hunter Zolomon, kidnapped the poor doctor, and subjected her to mental trauma. Her PTSD is so elevated that she sees Zoom everywhere, frightened that he will appear suddenly to inflict more pain, and he does — as was the case in the final part of the last episode, "Invincible."

Zoom knew the tragedy that befell Caitlin with the death of her husband Ronnie — an ordeal she's had to go through twice. You have to be a true villain to not only break someone with a kind heart like Caitlin, but then profess your love in the form of death itself.

3. His origin story that gave birth to the monster within

Zoom's origin is tragic, and unlike Damien Darhk and Vandal Savage, his aims were born strictly from hate. Hunter Zolomon didn't begin killing because he wanted to rule Earth-2, he killed for himself. A monster with the speed of a god, and he was gifted by the Speed Force. Why you ask?

Zoom will be the catalyst for Barry's greatness

Every hero meets his challenges and rises, and this season proves that Barry is on that path. He took the hard road toward his eventual showdown with Zoom, often being bested by the maniac. Barry sacrificed his body when he subjected himself to the particle explosion that sent him into the Speed Force. He's battled an army of metahumans who also included Laurel Lance from Earth-2, the Black Siren. He's witnessed the death of a loved one, his father Henry Allen.

He still won't stop chasing the devil, as we will see the final showdown between Barry and Zoom in the season finale next week titled "The Race of His Life."


Is Zoom the greatest villain of all time on The CW?


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