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Now, I LOVED the previous two X-men movies that sum up this timeline. I thought they were brilliant and captivated me from beginning to end. But this next instalment just plainly fell flat of expectation!

Some things I did quite enjoy, like the formation of the 'proper' X-men and some nice nods and winks to fans of the comics that are observant enough to understand them.

But, what you want to know are the negatives right? I mean for a superhero movie the CG effects where lacklustre and didn't really hit the threshold of the MCU or DCU of which FOX are in reality competing with. The previous films held their own in this department so why couldn't this one?

Also, the Apocalypse. Nothing bloody happened, Cairo got turned sandier than usual but other than that the world was pretty much A-Okay! For an omnipotent being there didn't seem to be that much of an immediate threat, other than the fact that he was a little bit difficult to kill. Even the action sequences didn't even have me intrigued, my friend even fell asleep during the penultimate battle as nothing much of interest occurred!

I can sum up the movie in one short video:

Now, Imagine that Charles Xavier is the 'Junkie' and the man behind the camera is Magneto. But instead of asking for piss, Professor X is asking Erik to be good and turn to the light. Thats what this film felt like! It is the third time that Magneto has not been directly established as a villain, but he yet again flakes between allegiances whilst Charles repeatedly spouts lines about "old friends" and "there is goodness in you" and similar rubbish to that extent.

This whole feature was 2/3 hype, I really did enjoy the most part of the movie where the characters were being established with their lives after the events of Days of Future Past but when it came to what everyone wanted to see, the film under delivered. This movie didn't feel like a natural follow up nor did it set anything up for a further movie, it was like filler in Anime, it does the job of seeing your characters but really you're just waiting for it to be over and something important happens.

I give this film 2.5 James McAvoy's out of a Wheelchair.


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