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Today is the thirteen year anniversary of the final episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer being aired, and as all of us Buffyverse fans are still loving the show and the sass (why else would you be reading this article?) it's fascinating to see what's been happening to our favorite characters ever since.

You may be saying how is this possible? And the answer is comic books, my friends! For a number of years now, Joss Whedon and a team at Dark Horse Comics have been producing Buffyverse comic books that act as continuations of the stories in both Buffy and spin-off show Angel. Seasons 8–9 of Buffy have already been completed in comic form, and Season 10 is now only a few short months from completion, so let's do a little top ten countdown of the ten most incredible things that have happened ever since the comics started!

10. Vampires New Look!

This is actually one of the more recent surprises on this list. There was a whole thing about magic in the world going all crazy (and we'll get back to that later), but the main thing here is that for a little while, vampires didn't have any brains and were being referred to as zompires. Now they've changed again and can both walk in the daylight AND turn into bats! It's a whole crazy thing, but rather surprising.

9. Buffy's A Little Bit Gay!

This was way back in Season 8, when Buffy was still acclimatizing to her new life as part of a giant corporation of slayers. She had a little fling with a fellow slayer called Satsu, although Joss Whedon quickly reiterated that Buffy isn't gay, she was merely experimenting with this relationship (and it didn't last all that long). Still though, it was pretty surprising after no previous inclinations mentioned or even hinted at!

8. Buffy Becomes A Criminal!

Yes indeed, with the giant corporation that Buffy is running — which is worldwide — they needed a lot of funding, and Buffy kind of robbed a Swiss bank to get the necessary funds. She's also hunted quite often by government agencies, mostly convinced that the events of the Season 7 finale were her fault and that the whole Scooby gang are international terrorists. You know, general sort of stuff.

7. Magic Is Destroyed!

That's right, in the Season 8 finale, Buffy was forced to destroy an artifact known as "The Seed of Wonder," which controlled magic in the world. After that, there was no magic in the world for a long time, which resulted in the zompires thing I mentioned earlier, and ended when Willow helped create a new seed in the Season 9 finale.

6. Buffy and Spike Are Back Together!

Yes, maybe not all that surprising, but it certainly took some time before they did. They're pretty happy now, but there are always bumps along the road. Fortunately Angel has been able to accept their relationship, so it's all good on that front.

5. Harmony Is A Vampire Leader!

Now we already saw Harmony with followers at various points in the TV version of Buffy, but this is very, very different. At one point in Season 8 Harmony became a reality TV star and turned the world against the slayers, but in Season 10 she's back and representing the vampires in a truce that Buffy and Spike made with them to help stop magic being transformed horribly. Why her? Who knows, but she's being just as annoying as you would expect!

4. The Demon Responsible For All Vampires!

Yep, that is Maloker, one of the old ones. When the old ones were attacked and pushed towards the "deeper well" in ancient times, Maloker tried to stop them by creating the first vampire to do his bidding. Didn't turn out so well for him, but he was brought back at the end of Season 9 and Buffy had to defeat him, proving she is totally the best slayer of all!

3. Spike Owns A Magical Space Ship!

This is definitely surprising. Basically, when Wolfram and Hart, the big bad guys from Angel, wanted to escape this dimension as disaster loomed near the end of Season 8, (There was this whole big thing called the Twilight crisis which I will get to in a minute) they tried to commandeer a space ship capable of interdimensional travel, on which giant friendly bugs lived. During the attack, some of the bug aliens got away on an escape pod along with Spike, who saved them. He then took over the pod as his ship with the alien bugs as his crew and commanded it for a time before it was destroyed in a fight involving the guardians of the Easter Island Hellmouth (that's a whole other can of worms).

2. Giles Gets Killed By Angel!

Yeah, I know. It was probably the most heartbreaking moment in Season 8, or any of the comics. Giles was killed by Angel in a mirror image of the way that Angel killed his lover Jenny Calendar in Season 2. Basically, the Twilight Crisis that I mentioned earlier involved a villain named Twilight taking over Angel's body, and while under this influence Angel killed Giles to stop him from destroying magic (which would have stopped Twilight's plan). Eventually Buffy stopped Twilight, freed Angel, and destroyed magic anyway. Don't worry though, Giles came back after Angel and Faith collected the pieces of his soul, though he is a twelve year old version of Giles — it's all a little weird.

1. Dawn And Xander Are A Couple!?

NOPE! SO MUCH NOPE! This is the thing that will probably freak out anyone who hasn't read any of the comics, and it freaks me out to no end! It's definitely a thing, especially since the pair are now trapped in a demonic dimension together, and it's been going on for a while. Xander even betrayed Buffy in Season 9 to help their enemies bring magic back and save Dawn's life, though she forgave him for that after his actions did inadvertently save Dawn. But it's all a little too scary and weird, and we're not going to talk about it anymore!

That's it folks! The ten craziest and wildest things to happen in the comic book realm of the Buffyverse since the show ended thirteen years ago to the day! You can check out the current issues of both Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 and Angel and Faith in stores each month!


Which of the comic book moments shocked you the most?


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