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Every time an episode of The Flash ends, we are left with tons of questions to answer. Every. Damn. Time. But again, this is what keeps us glued to our seats for an hour. And then we’re left with high levels of curiosity, anticipation and excitement for the next episode.

Now, there is one question that has been bothering me for a while now, and I think I finally have an answer to that. The mystery surrounding the ‘man in the iron mask.’ Who is this guy? Is he really from Earth – 2? Or did Zoom kidnap him from Earth – 1? Or from any other Earth for that matter?

Buckle up, we are going to find out soon!

5. Barry tries to communicate with the man in the iron mask.

Okay. So let’s start with what we already know. This guy has irritated the hell outta everybody by banging his fists on the cell. My first impression of this person was of a mentally affected maniac who had been experimented upon by Zoom. But once Barry and Wells’ daughter Jessie start sensing a pattern about the irritating thuds in his cell, they figured out that he was trying to say something. The message was just ‘JAY’ and when Barry asked him whether he’s talking about the Jay Garrick on Earth – 1, the guy just went nuts and started banging even more furiously in a desperate attempt to tell Barry that what he meant wasn’t correct, although he was on the right track.

*Bang, bang, bang*
*Bang, bang, bang*

4. Why is his face covered?

This guy, in the iron mask, seems to be really important. Why else would he be in Zoom’s lair, locked up in an unbreakable (well, not really, Caitlyn from Earth-1 did break Killer Frost out) cell? Maybe he has powers too. And Zoom doesn’t even want him seen. Is it because of the face? When we realize that Jay Garrick from Earth – 1 is Zoom himself, trying to fool everybody, it becomes even more complicated because then it means that it isn’t Zoom’s face behind that mask. This question still remains unanswered.

It could have been him, but it definitely isn't now
It could have been him, but it definitely isn't now

3. The man in the iron mask is an Earth-1 doppelganger.

We’ve seen most of the doppelgangers on Earth – 2 of our characters on Earth – 1. The only notable ones whom we haven’t seen are Wally West, Henry Allen, Eddie Thawne and Ronnie from Earth – 1 - who was sucked into that freaky wormhole. Ronnie has been killed (he may have survived, but for now, let’s assume he’s dead since there’s no clue/mention of him being on this show).

2. Henry Allen's mother's maiden name was Garrick.

We’re closing in, guys! It’s really difficult to say who can be that man now. Oh, but wait a second! Do you remember the conversation Henry had with Barry when good ol’ Barry was telling his dad about how he wasn’t a speedster anymore? Yep. Barry told his dad how Jay Garrick wasn’t the hero they had all thought him to be and how he took Caitlyn back with him, and that in reality, he was a monster named Zoom. To which, Henry surprisingly remarked, “Did you say Garrick? That was my mother’s maiden name.” Watch this video right here to hear the whole conversation if you might have missed it/forgotten about it!

Another conversation between Zoom and Barry :

B – “So who’s the man in the iron mask?”
Z – “Oh, you wouldn’t believe me if I told ya.”

Also, Wally and Jesse just recently got hit with the particle accelerator explosion (actually, Barry went right through them haha) and although they haven’t been acting so weird, I have a feeling that Wally will become a speedster towards the end of this season. And maybe Jesse too. So, that rules Wally out again.

Do you also remember Barry seeing his own father in the Flash’s costume when he travels back and forth to Earth – 2 via the speedforce?

Barry's visions as he travels back to Earth-1
Barry's visions as he travels back to Earth-1
John Wesley Shipp as The Flash
John Wesley Shipp as The Flash

1. Zoom kills Henry Allen

Lastly, something really shocking happened recently that points everything in just one direction! Spoilers ahead, so click on it only if you've seen the latest episode! (2x22 - Invincible)

So, Zoom kills Henry Allen, Barry's dad. Boom. Just like that. I know it's sad, but John Wesley Shipp just recently said that he won't be leaving the show anytime soon. Does that mean..... ;)

Bingo. There we have it. These are some of the closest, and the most visible clues so far. Henry Allen, from Earth – 2, is the real, old and awesome Jay Garrick we have been waiting for. This is my theory.

What do you guys think? You got something to add? Can it be someone else? Please do let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed this article!

EDIT : I haven't forgotten about Earth - 2 Barry calling his mom in the earlier episodes, and about Henry and Nora in Atlantis. Consider this, Barry kept secrets from his dad. He did not talk tell Henry about him being the Flash. What is Earth - 2 Barry doesn't know that Henry Allen is Jay Garrick? ;)

Also, BONUS : Oliver Queen dies on Earth - 2 and Robert Queen becomes the Green Arrow. Applying the same logic, what if Earth - 2 Henry is the Flash?


So, who according to you is the man in the iron mask?


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