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The third season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. left us with so many questions. Who is the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D? Why is the team hunting Daisy? Why is she goth now? Most importantly though, who or what is A.I.D.A?

The episode concluded with Dr. Radcliffe speaking to a disembodied AI companion that he refers to as Aida. Their conversation reveals his admiration for Fitz and Simmons and also that he is planning to celebrate something. Aida questions his motives for celebration before he exclaims that today is her “birthday” as we see the silhouette of a female body behind a pane of glass.

In doing my research after the finale finished, I was excited to learn that A.I.D.A. was actually taken from the comics. In the source material, the acronym stands for Artificial Intelligence Data Analyser and she is a member of the Squadron Supreme, a superhero group not unlike the Avengers. The only big difference between this team and the teams that we know, is that this team exists on an alternate Earth.

Yes, you read that right. They’re not from another planet like the Guardians of the Galaxy. They’re from Earth, just not our Earth. This may seem a bit confusing, but fans of another popular superhero based television series are familiar with the concept. The Flash introduced us to the use of multiverse theory a while back and has been focusing on it ever since. The concept has produced a very interesting story and fans of the show have been sucked in.

Could AoS be following suit? We know that Dr. Radcliffe is interacting with A.I.D.A. and plans to put her programming into a humanoid body. We don’t know however, if he is the one that created her. It seems safe to assume that he is, but we don’t know for sure. Is it possible that she was created in another dimension? Could Radcliffe be from another dimension? Or maybe he is using this technology to find a way to this other Earth. There are a lot of possibilities.

If Radcliffe does put the technology into a body (think female Vision), it would be a launching point for the little-known Squadron Supreme. The team has crossed paths with the Avengers in the comics, but that seems unlikely in the MCU, at least anytime soon. Could the team be used for a future storyline for AoS, or could they be meant for something a little bit bigger?

Like I said, the season finale left us with a lot of questions. We’re going to have to wait a while before we can get some answers.


What do you think? Is A.I.D.A. the door to another universe for the MCU?


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