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Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones is drawing closer every day, and Sony has just unleashed a new trailer to remind us and get our ectoplasm pumping. Check it out:

There's tons of new stuff to unpack here, including a buttload of references to the original movies and some key plot details. Let's dive in, shall we?

Shout-Outs To The Originals

First and foremost, there are tons of references to the original Ghostbusters films in this latest trailer — even more so than the first. The most obvious is the full use of the classic Ghostbusters theme song, rather than just the remixed version.

Shown below is New York City's Hook & Ladder No. 8, the real fire station that was used as the exterior of the original team's dilapidated headquarters. We know that the new Ghostbusters HQ is located above a Chinese restaurant, but it looks like Hook & Ladder 8 will be making an appearance, if only as a cameo.

And then there's the reboot's version of "Spook Central" that looks eerily similar to Dana Barrett's apartment building, which we know was constructed as a sort of beacon for Gozer (see also: Gozer the Gozerian, Gozer the Destructor, Gozer the Traveler, Lord of the Sebouillia) to break her way into Earth's dimension. The central point of paranormal activity in Feig's Ghostbusters bears a striking resemblance:

Here's Dana's apartment in the original during peak Gozer activity:

The explosion emanating from that building in the reboot should look familiar, too:

Because it calls back to the scene after Walter Peck shuts down the containment unit and unleashes literal hell upon the city:

Another callback to the original Ghostbusters comes when our new team heads into battle against whatever evil has infested Manhattan in that creepy Art Deco building:

Which is a visual cue borrowed from the original's confrontation with Gozer:

This next reference is a little less obvious, but still a fun nod to Ghostbusters 2. It looks like objects — in this case, paintings — can be haunted as well:

Just like Vigo the Carpathian (see also: Vigo the Cruel, Vigo the Torturer, Vigo the Despised, Vigo the Unholy):

Then there's the obligatory scene of the Ghostbusters talking with the mayor of New York City (Andy Garcia), who is being advised by an ass-kissing assistant (SNL's Cecily Strong, current cast mate of stars McKinnon and Jones):

Naturally, this is an appropriate scene in which to throw back to Venkman's fear of "mass hysteria," which they do:

She's obviously talking about:

Oh, and of course, there's Slimer pounding some street meat:

This Movie Is NYC As Hell

One of the defining characteristics of Ghostbusters is that it's a story about New York City as much as it is about ghosts. The plot of Ghostbusters 2 literally personifies the tone of 1980s NYC, so it was important to know that the reboot would be taking the same approach to the city that the originals did:

Aside from all the landmarks we see in this trailer — the Empire State Building, Times Square, Broadway — the best example of this movie's inherent New Yorkiness is the cameo appearance of NY1's Pat Kiernan, who any New Yorker will recognize as a local hero.


Speaking of New York City, the opening shot of this trailer showcases the Seward subway stop in Queens — with a scary-ass subway ghost to boot. We know that Patty is an MTA employee who sees something crazy at work that inspires her to go to the Ghostbusters and eventually join the team, so it's probably this creeper that is the culprit:

Who Is Rowan?

The villain of the film has been named as Rowan, played by Neil Casey, a rival scientist who has some not-so-nice intentions for exploiting paranormal activity. This is referenced in the trailer when Wiig's character Erin says that someone is creating a device to harness the paranormal.

But Rowan could possibly be tied to a character from the old Real Ghostbusters comic book called Rowan Schow, a magician who disappeared in the 1940s and haunts a '40s horror film, feeding on human belief in the paranormal in order to gain power.

There's this little snippet in one of the early shots that shows a poster for the Boris Karloff film Isle of the Snake People — a movie about a mad scientist taking control of zombies, not unlike Rowan seeking control of ghosts. Not to mention that Karloff is an actor famous for portraying Frankenstein's Monster in the classic horror films of the '30s and '40s; whether the film goes with Rowan's comic book origin or it's just a clever thematic nod to the scientist villain, it works either way:

Over on the right? There's this:

I Ain't Afraid Of No Logo Ghost

One of the most memorable shots from the trailer is the reveal of this movie's version of Stay Puft — a gigantic interpretation of the ghost featured in the Ghostbusters logo. He's wearing a bowtie and isn't translucent like the other ghosts we see, which suggests that perhaps this guy was once human, now infused with the power of the paranormal.

I suspect this is a mutated version of Rowan, courtesy of the device he's built, but it's awesome that the filmmakers made him a more terrifying version of the cartoon we all look back on so fondly:

Happy nightmares!

The Beasts Of Mayhem

Speaking of villains, thanks to the toys that Mattel showed off at Toy Fair, we know that one of the film's Big Bads is a winged monster called Mayhem, who we see in the trailer at the concert featuring, you guessed it, a band called the Beasts of Mayhem (and no, this is not a clip from a Tenacious D show):

This is the same demon-thing that perches on Patty's shoulders and incites a selfie to be taken by a couple of concertgoers:

Which leads me to a theory that perhaps Beasts of Mayhem is somehow connected to the paranormal activity, almost like their music is responsible for bringing the monster to Earth? It could even be by accident — think of it like a death metal band accidentally bringing Satan into the human world.

New Weapons

Most of the tech we've seen in the trailers so far are new takes on classic Ghostbusters equipment — proton packs and the trap, primarily — but in this one we get to see McCarthy's Abby strap on some crazy gauntlet weapon that seemingly annihilates the ghost completely:

Kevin Is Basically Janine And Louis Rolled Into One

Chris Hemsworth's Kevin is undoubtedly going to be a highlight of the film, giving the hunky actor a chance to be completely dim-witted and show off his comedy chops. While we know he's the team's secretary — this film's Janine Melnitz — this trailer also makes it look like he might have a little Louis Tully in him, too.

He gets possessed and he tries to be a new team member, the cornerstones of Rick Moranis's Louis:

For comparison, here's possessed Louis:

And Ghostbuster Louis from Ghostbusters 2:

There's clearly a lot to be excited about in this trailer, so until the movie hits on July 15, we'll just sit here being all like:


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