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Star Wars is back on the silver screen. The series return last year's in latest chapter in the Sci-Fi Saga-Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The blockbuster saw a new beginning for the series and now fans are eager to see what happens next when Star Wars Episode VIII hits theaters next year. However just because the next film in the saga is over a year away does not mean moviegoers will have to wait to head back to a galaxy far, far away. This year marks the beginning of the Star Wars Anthology films. This set of films will break away from the Saga by telling individual stories in the Star Wars Universe. It begins this December with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Directed by Gareth Edwards, the movie will tell the story of a team of rebels tasked to steal the plans of the Empire's most notorious weapon: the Death Star. After Rogue One, the Star Anthology continues with films that tells the story everyone's favorite smuggler: Han Solo; and a movie on the popular bounty hunter Boba Fett is also in the works. These anthology films certainly bring new perspective to the Star Wars series, but there seems to be a particular element that is missing from these movies. It has been noted that Rogue One will be the first Star Wars movie without a Jedi character; which could mean that the idea of the Force will play minimal role in this new film. It has me wondering if there will be anthology film that will feature the staple concept behind the Star Wars series.

I can understand why the anthology films will not feature the Jedi or the Force as these concepts have been a primary narrative behind the Star Wars Saga. The likes of Jedi and Sith have shaped the stories of both original and prequel trilogy, and it will continue to do with the next set of films. However the force is not the only thing that makes up the Star Wars Universe. For years we have seen this franchise deal with likes of bounty hunters droids and space battles. There is so much to the Star Wars Universe that a movie could focus one element and still be effective. So while the Force will always be a center piece in the Star Universe that does not mean the concept needs to drive the anthology films.

Yet could there be a anthology movie about the likes of Jedi and the force? I for one think there is a great possibility a movie in the Star Wars Anthology could center on this familiar concept. It may looks as though that we know everything that there is to know about the Jedi, Sith and Force in general. However there is much behind the force that is still a mystery. This was made apparent in the likes of the Star Wars television series The Clone Wars and Rebels. These series have feature episodes dealing with mysteries behind the force; and they showed the idea that has made up Star Wars has more to offer when it comes to storytelling. A Force anthology film could work by centering on a individual Jedi, or Sith, and their perspective on the power the shapes the entire galaxy. It could be a little difficult to express new ideas with the Force, but there is definitely potential to bring a new element to this classic concept in a Star Wars Anthology film.

The idea behind the Star Wars Anthology is one that has a ton of possibility. With the various ideas that has helped to shape this franchise, this new set of movies could only benefit the Star Wars Universe by bringing new perspectives to certain elements. The Force is no exception to this idea. While this concept has been a driving factor for the Star Wars Saga, that does not mean there is nothing new to be shown with the likes of Jedi or the Sith. I am excited to see the first set of Anthology films (especially Rogue One), but I hope that the force will be strong in future installment to this new set of Star Wars movies.


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