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For anyone who is a fan of CW's Arrow and The Flash, you will have seen Katie Cassidy reprise her role as Laurel Lance, of another earth. In season 2 of The Flash, we've been shown glimpses of another earth with mirror images of the same people that reside in the Flash world. Finally in last night's episode of Flash, we were given a glimpse of one of the characters of Arrow: Laurel Lance.

Laurel Lance has been given an odd mix of hate and love for the past four seasons that she has been in Arrow. Dinah Laurel Lance was always destined to become the Black Canary, like in the comic books, but the character of Laurel Lance as she evolved in Arrow was more of a mothering sort of figure than that of the bad-ass Black Canary that any comic-book lover or those who have every watched a Justice League cartoon know and love.

The Black Canary was always more of the tortured sort, and while Laurel did come across her own set of torture (i.e. she lost her boyfriend and sister in the north china sea, Tommy Merlyn died almost minutes after he said I love you, her parents divorce, Oliver and Sara came back).

While all those things would have derailed anyone the character that the Arrow team wrote was strong enough to overcome all those hurdles and be ever the more strong for it. Which for all the Laurel fans out there may have liked, but anyone who was waiting for her to become the black canary, knew that they had awhile to wait. Especially when the character of the woman in black eventually to be called 'the Canary' showed up in season two. Ironically Sara Lance was everything that the fans had wanted in their Black Canary.

Tortured soul? Check. Major awesome combat skills? Check. Can give Green Arrow a run for his money? CHECK. But of course she ended up dying a horrible death in order to jumpstart the real Black Canary. (An opinion of mostly all the fans on Tumblr) We will never know if Katie Cassidy's Black Canary will ever match up to the one in the comic books or the cartoon shows, because of course Damien Dhark killed her off.

A death that will no doubt bring out many more storylines for all the characters above and thanks to the way the Arrow team wrote her off, they finally put to rest the character of Black Canary.

Seeing Laurel Lance as the Black Siren was an altogether new experience because the way she had been written in Flash was so much different than her role in Arrow. She was confident, powerful and to be honest downright scary and most of all Katie Cassidy executed that role flawlessly.

Turns out the Black Siren had been the last and final lieutenant of Zoom. His past two Lieutenants as shown above had been mercilessly killed off in earlier episodes. The Black Siren might have been a dark hardened criminal but there had been moments where she showed a soft side. I hope that with DC's new Infinite Earth's plot, we will only see more of Black Siren on multiple shows.


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