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Strokemon is happening. I'm interested in seeing it for — you know — for research purposes.

Detective Jackson is on the case.
Detective Jackson is on the case.

Below isn't the actual movie, but the gag reel. I mean, the money shot. I mean, it's the behind the scenes. Take a look.

Pikachu doesn't have his normal electricity powers and in this alternate universe is referred to as Dikachu. She/he/it shoots water from some place that is yet to be determined. Wait, does this mean that Ash is going to have — oh no!

This adaptation is directed by porn auteur Lee Roy Myers, famed for such classics as Ten Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles and Fap to the Future. You would think a stellar talent like Myers wouldn't mess up such a small detail like not gifting Pikachu with real powers, but evidently not.

Guys, they are going to ruin my childhood — in a sexy, erotic, hardcore way, but ruin it nonetheless. We have to band together, get a copy of Strokemon and sift through each and every scene to determine correctness and that the filmmakers indeed do justice to the Pokémon world.

Once again, Hollywood — or, in this case, the Valley — keeps not listening to the people, and to the fans. You know what to do. There will be more investigating into this movie to see how many things they got wrong.


It will all be done in the name of science. Or guyence.


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