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With rumors building that Netflix is considering launching a Blade Reboot series, fans are beginning to get excited. Wesley Snipes — whose portrayal of the character was so iconic back in 1998 — has said he's willing to reprise the role. But what could Marvel be planning?

Let's hope they give Blade another badass entrance like this:

Blade The Hunter

Promotional art for Blade the Hunter!
Promotional art for Blade the Hunter!

Most of Marvel's superhero series are heavily based on a comic. In this case, though, I think the series will be based on a comic that was never published.

In July 2015, Marvel Comics was preparing the ground for their All-New, All-Different relaunch. In addition to titles like Invincible Iron Man and All-New, All-Different Avengers, fans were treated to a pitch for an ongoing series of Blade.

The pitch was simple: No longer would Blade walk alone. Instead, the story would be focused on a teenage girl, Fallon Grey, who was plunged into Blade's world. Fallon was envisioned as the "anti-Peter Parker" — where Peter was the outsider, Fallon was a popular girl, one who thought her future was all plotted out. Then she entered into a world of crazy — and learned that Blade was her dad.

The design for Fallon Grey!
The design for Fallon Grey!

Some aspects of the concept rang eerily similar to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but writer Tim Seeley insisted this was a coincidence.

"Well, as much as I had to deal with 'Buffy' comparisons on 'Hack/Slash,' I've still managed to avoid watching that show. So, while I think 'high school girl fights monsters' will always invite 'Buffy' comparisons, I'd like to think my blissful ignorance will at least keep me from hewing too close to Joss Whedon's work. Though, after seeing 'Cabin In the Woods,' it became clear to me he and I come from creepily similar influences."

(Wait, Tim Seeley hasn't watched Buffy? He hasn't lived.)

Unfortunately, fan reactions are always hard to predict. In this case, fans were furious that a white writer had been assigned a comic starring black characters, and the internet did what the internet does best. Marvel quietly stepped back from the furore, and the advertised book never saw the light of day.

Will Blade ever come back?
Will Blade ever come back?

But here's the interesting thing. Even as the internet began to blaze with righteous anger, rumors also began to circulate that Marvel was interested in using the pitch as an idea for a TV series. When the comic quietly dropped off the schedule, rumors then began to build that it was because Marvel Entertainment didn't want to have their pitch spoiled. Now, just as with the hopes for the show, these are all rumors —but they make sense.

This approach would be tremendously effective for relaunching Wesley Snipes's Blade. It would allow Snipes to reprise his role as a now older, battle-scarred vampire; meanwhile, it would add an attractive younger character to act as our window into a new, darker corner of the MCU. Rather than a world-weary warrior who's seen it all before, we experience this supernatural world through fresh eyes, and get all the wonder and horror of it. Then add an interesting father-daughter relationship into the mix, and you have all the makings of a hit.

I'm not saying this is the series we're going to get. But it's the one I really want to see!

What do you think? Do you like this idea for a Blade series? Let me know in the comments!

Let's face it, Wesley Snipes NAILED IT!
Let's face it, Wesley Snipes NAILED IT!


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