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Today, news came out that DC Comics CCO, Geoff Johns, was promoted to help make the DCEU great. He will co-run it with Jon Berg and supposedly will report to Diane Nelson (President of DC Entertainment). Any fan of his work should be thrilled at this opportunity. And yes, I know that most people do not have the foggiest clue on why this is so awesome.

Geoff Johns, CCO at DC Comics
Geoff Johns, CCO at DC Comics

Y'see, until recently Marvel had a committee that helped ran their film franchises from different parts of their business world. This worked out tremendously well for Marvel and they recently stopped this practice for reasons that are not quite clear to the public (Feige and Perlmutter is the most widely-known theory). I think this is vital to have someone with a vast array of knowledge to help shape the DCEU and make it the best possible product for the fans!

I'm not sure of this new logo?
I'm not sure of this new logo?

He was also very important kick-starting The Flash and Arrow on The CW. He's also co-writing the new Batman stand-alone with Affleck and will have a sh*t-ton more duties with his newly acquired position. Oh, he also helped out on a season of Robot Chicken.

DC's Rebirth
DC's Rebirth

At the end of this month, he'll be releasing a one-shot comic called 'Rebirth', that he's written to help get DC back on track in the comic world. I think he's one of the most talented minds in the industry and I couldn't be happier that DC made this decision! You know he also spent a small time writing at Marvel, but that's just a fun tidbit of information!

Thrones of Atlantis
Thrones of Atlantis

Johns has had many successful runs on some of DC's most famous characters; Hawkman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Action Comics, Booster Gold, and the list goes on! I want to commemorate this announcement by listing my three favorite comics that he's written for DC.

If there's is something that you loved and I didn't mention it, be free to tell me in the comments section. Remember, this is individual books, not series! (Justice League: War and Thrones of Atlantis were both adaptations from Johns' books!)

3. Green Lantern - War of The Green Lanterns

Johns was one of the co-writers on this bat-s*t comic, but it's pretty darn impressive. Basically, everyone was under the control of an ancient being, except for a few Lanterns and they they against this villain with insurmountable odds. I'd spent hours wondering how much tape it must have taken to keep Carol Ferris' breasts in her costume (Have you see it?). I don't understand the practicality of these outfits. I read comics for the story and not to look at ... whatever this is!

Krona wanted to take over the universe because he believed that all the emotions were stronger together and of course he didn't succeed. I thought it was cool how each lantern, like, John Stewart, had to wear a different ring. See, their rings were drained of power and they had to rely on other ones that closely match their strength. That's all I'm going to say, but it's a very fun read and I'm still wondering the practicality of Sapphire's outfit?

2. Aquaman - The Trench (Perfect for Wan's movie!)

This book changed my opinion on how badass Arthur Curry truly is. We all heard the jokes about Aquaman, but seriously, he's just as tough as any member of The Justice League. I think this is so wise to have Johns consult on all of these movies since he previously written all of these characters. I try not to diss, Zack Snyder, but I think he completely misses the point why we love all these characters.

I loved how he portrayed an aged Batman and Wonder Woman wasn't in the movie long enough to get an impression of her. I give him credit trying to tell an epic Superman story, but what makes him so special is that he's a god, but he accepts Earth as he's part of it and it is his home.

We didn't need two movies with him agonizing over this decision. I don't mind a more violent version, or a tad cockier version of The Man of Steel. The thing I couldn't stand was a super-serious guy, that I'm pretty sure lacked the facial muscles to crack a smile. Luckily, Johns knows these characters and hopefully he will right many of Snyder's wrongs. I wonder how Snyder is handling this news ?

Oh yeah, The Trench! This comic book is perfectly suited to adapt in his solo movie. It gives a gripping origin of Arthur finding out who he is and it could be ignored in The Justice League movie and have a re-emergence in his solo movie.

Perfect for his solo movie!
Perfect for his solo movie!

These creatures are extremely creepy and dangerous. They're not the most complex villains, but they don't need to be -- all they want is food. They kinda belong in a horror movie and it'll give the movie a very distinct tone. One love to Marvel, but DC has a chance to separate the feel of each movie with a wide variety of colors and tones.

Plus, it displays that Mera is easily one of most badass warriors on the face of the planet. She could go toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman or Superman and I'd feel bad for Vegas for having to make those odds. This book shows the bond between her and Arthur and it'd be a perfect story to make everyone fall in love with Aquaman. I can just picture the fight sequences and it's truly spectacular!

1. Batman - Earth One (Vol.1 & Vol.2)

I was pleasantly shock on how much I fell in love with Johns' incarnation of Bruce Wayne. He's basically the same ol' Batman, but he seemed nicer (I know crazy). It took me a minute it pinpoint the difference, but he seemed to have a bigger heart and plus, the writing was superb!

When this came out, you had Scott Snyder telling the best Batman stories -- maybe ever and that's saying a lot. But Johns crafted a story that was both unique and held your interest by being allowed to do basically whatever he wanted. There were enough differences that kept you intrigued by every small detailed. Also, where Snyder's Batman was nearly perfect; you had Johns Batman mess up quite often and it made you like him even more!

This book showcased everything that we take for granted about Batman. He must learned everything and he did it in a very painful manner. He has a run-in with Selina Kyle that really made me laugh for some reason. Batman was injured and she helped him back to health. He promised her flowers and when they were delivered, someone says that they're house was broken into that week. You have to see the panel and to see Selina playing with Batman is the only way to fully grasp how awesome that scene was. I've written an article about how amazing this comic was and I choose to use it as the origin of Affleck's version in the DCEU. It shows such a contrast between now and then.

I could write all day on why I love Johns' writing, but I think as fans, we're very lucky that the DCEU decided to give him a major role in their universe. I'm not sure how much power he'll have in the upcoming Justice League: Part One, but hopefully, he'll have enough to to say something if it's not very good and goes against one of the main characters. I can't wait to see what Johns does with the DCEU and I hope it turns out extremely well! May the Speed Force be with you.

Suicide Squad hit theaters August 5th in the United States!



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